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In Topic: Manipulating underwater subjects

23 December 2015 - 09:43 AM

This should not be focused on the octopus fad, as there are many more, and probably worse examples around. There are a number of fully pelagic octopus and several mainly benthic species do now and then swim, so an occasional picture of a swimming octopus can obviously happen. Blueringed will often swim, so no problems there. The octopus problem is that the coolest pictures of swimming, or rather parachuting octopus (an octopus slowly floating down towards the substrate), are of more or less strictly bottom dwelling species such as mimics or wunderpus. Rare things can and will happen in nature, but the amount of such pictures that are perfectly lit and composed are just way to many. Several of my friends have thousands of dives in parts of the world where these octopus are quite common, and have no such pictures in their collections. Jim and Adam have more or less covered that, so I will not continue that debate.

Jim really points to the bigger picture here. Big Facebook sites with many members will without doubt affect beginners behaviors and expectations. If the discussion on ethics in reef diving, or even more important ethics when doing underwater photography is suppressed, or even worse, more or less forbidden, I fear that we are in for quite some trouble in the future. As an example, several times during the last couple of years discussions on not allowing cameras on Sipadan have been raised. I would hate that to happen, and to spread to other areas, but I wouldn't bet against it.

In Topic: Manipulating underwater subjects

22 December 2015 - 03:50 AM

Simon, along with all other I have heard of being kicked out, posted in that thread. Interestingly enough, despite inquiring several times about the rationale for expelling  people who wish to discuss uw-photography ethics, I have received no answer at all. Counter to this, all the courses I have done and at more or less all resorts and live boards I have dived with, there has been a pretty clear to very clear no-touch policy. There seems to be quite a cognitive dissonance at place here, to say the least.

In Topic: Manipulating underwater subjects

11 December 2015 - 04:11 AM

Sorry, I can not remember the dates. I am also blocked, so can not search it out.

In Topic: Manipulating underwater subjects

08 December 2015 - 07:44 AM

Adam, I believe that there is a definite risk that such behavior, if rewarded in competitions and if receiving vast number of likes when posted, soon will be the norm. I do firmly believe that this should be a live and ongoing discussion, and that photographers with "unlikely" pictures at least should be prepared to explain how it was achieved. Of course extremely unlikely events can happen and of course one can get a perfectly lit and composed shot of it. I fail to see why, given the sensitive nature of some of the subjects we shoot, there should be any difference in explaining the shooting circumstances or giving f-stops and such info of such shots. The bird photography community, as far as I have experienced it, are much more interested and restrictive on potential disturbance effects without stopping great bird photography.

I have also heard about several quite sincere problems around the competition in Anilao. It is interesting that that competition coincides with a clean-out of people on UWMP. I have no idea if there is any causal link, as I still haven't received any response to queries about why the mention of preferring non-manipulation as a rule have lead to a number of members getting "removed".

In Topic: Manipulating underwater subjects

06 December 2015 - 12:50 AM

Drew, I absolutely do agree that this is not a clear line in the sand thing. There are lots of variables to take into account. However, I do find that on this continuum, there are actions that a simply to much and that those should be discussed. What these are needs a discussion and not censorship. My big problem with UWMPs action is that they censor the discussion, actively seeking out and removing people that advocate a no touching policy, and at the same time publishing many pictures that, at least to me, is way on the wrong side of the line. I find that very disturbing. And it is not that the discussion in itself is not allowed, just certain views. Advocates of "everything goes because there is always a worse example ( dynamite fishing, trawling, climate change and so on)" are not excluded. i find that seriously disturbing, and potentially damaging, given the size of UWMP.