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Housing for TG-5


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#1 thin_air


    Hermit Crab

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Posted 31 August 2017 - 04:10 PM


I'm looking to upgrade from my current SJCam (Gopro imitation) to something better for all around underwater photo and video use. After looking at the available options, the TG-5 with housing seems to fit the bill for what i'm looking for. (able to shoot RAW and 4K video, waterproof (so forgiving if I screw up the housing use)


However, I can't find any comparison of the two housings that are available for it (the Olympus and the Ikelite).

Differences I have noticed: depth rating, 150ft vs 200ft - I dive to 150' pretty routinely, and do deeper dives also (normoxic/technical cave trained), but those dives tend not be with the intention of taking pictures/videos.

Wet lens thread: 52 vs 67mm - I was intending on getting a wide angle wet lense, and I assume that the larger threads will lead to more expensive lenses for similar quality


I'm unsure of how to weight the pros and cons of these (plus other aspects i'm sure to be unaware of) and am hope others have some feedback.


I'm also open to other suggestions for both housings and possibly other cameras. I settled on the TG-5 because it hit the features I cared about (able to shoot RAW and 4K video, waterproof (so forgiving if I screw up the housing use) except for a fully manual mode. 

I am planning on increasing my photography skills and can see myself upgrading to a mirrorless/DSLR in a few years, but thought this was a good place to start to get better at UWP and learn the basics.


Thanks in advance,



#2 tursiops


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Posted 31 August 2017 - 05:32 PM

For three reasons, I'd go with the Olympus housing.

(1) accessory shoe on top, useful for focus lights. Yes, you can use a double-handle tray and put the focus light on one of the handles, but you'll probably end up with two strobes, so putting the focus light on the camera in the first place is really nice.

(2) AOI UMG-01 magnifier for the Olympus LCD. This is the best $160 you'll spend on the camera.

(3) Ergonomics. Easy to hold the Olympus and take a picture with one hand. Trigger is in an awkward position on the Ikelite.


Depth difference? I'm a tech diver too....but just not interested in photography at depth. 147 ft is plenty for my picture-taking.


Don't worry about the threads for a wet lens; you'll undoubtably put an adapter on the Olympus to allow use of 67mm lenses anyway.

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#3 Dobber



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Posted 01 September 2017 - 11:57 AM

Meikon will also likely release a housing for the TG-5 in the coming months if you can wait. Very similar to the Olympus housing and Meikon's quality has improved markedly of late. It's also cheaper than the Olympus housing if you can wait.

Most wet lenses will be 67mm thread, a small number are 52mm thread (UWL-04 - a good fisheye choice). As the camera can naturally do very good macro - this might be the only lens you need.

Just throwing some more information in to the mix!

#4 thin_air


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Posted 04 September 2017 - 05:40 PM

Thanks for the great info, I've gone ahead and ordered the TG5 and the olympus housing.

That AOI magnifier looks quite handy, anyone know if they have a Canadian supplier/distributor/store? (i can't seem to find one)


Can't wait to get this setup in the water.


#5 EvilOtter


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Posted 05 September 2017 - 04:56 AM

Great choice! My wife uses the TG-4 with the Olympus housing and she really likes it. She has also been contemplating the screen magnifier. If you get it, please share your experience with it. I note that it is not available on the Olympus Canada site. I think you would have to go with an American supplier such as Backscatter, Optical Ocean Sales, etc.

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