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Canon EF lenses on Sony Alpha cameras, what adapter / lens combi works?

09 January 2019 - 01:14 PM

loking for a lightweight rig for my girlfriend.
She was using the Sony RX100 in a recsea housing.
Combinated with macro and wide wet lenses....
Now i have got a used Sony Nex6 housing from Nauticam, have invested in the 90mm macro,
but what is a working wide angle / fisheye solution?
Can get some anon lenses from friends, but which converter first?
And which one works with which lens good or not....

If there is a possibilty to take maybe later two Sony Alpha rigs under water, that would cut down the luggage ;-))

The Sigma converter should work with Sigma lenses, Canon EF mount, best would be art series.
Metabones is fine with some of the Canon EF lenses. But does it work with Sigma lenses for Canon as well?

Looking for lenses as sample:
Tokina 10 - 17mm
Sigma fisheye for Canon, or the 10 - 20mm,
Maybe Tokina WA
Maybe Canon 8 - 15mm fisheye 

The Sony 90mm macro is extremly slow...
Has anybody tried the Sigma 105mm art macro in any converter combination?
On my Nikon setup, this is a fast and sharp macro lens....

Would be great if we could put a list together that focuses on our underwater needs, and not on brand specific advertise....
Next step would be to try and check the port solutions for the ideal combinations.

Thanks for Input,

Magic ocean resort Bohol

09 January 2019 - 12:52 PM

will be there in february.
Now red that they have a pygmy care rule, that means no torch / focus light......
Has anybody been there in the last time?
Any more restrictions?
Just to know what is going on during diving.

Pair of Inon Z240 type 2 and other strobes...

10 October 2018 - 11:46 AM

after upgrading my Girl friend to a Z330,
i want to sell a pair of Inon Z240 type 2 strobes.
One she was using during trips, the second was a here bought used strobe as a back up for both of us.
But luckily was only a spare...
One for 375,- € Pair for 700,- €
Including shipping to main land europe.


There is a D2000 type 4 and a type 2 for sale as well....
Try to reduce the bunch of strobes to a smaller bundle...