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#206902 focusing with aging eyes

Posted by saholz on 01 April 2009 - 04:23 AM in Photography Gear and Technique

I had extreme myopia all my life and had also started to develop presbyopia. My prescription was so bad that, as my eyes got dryer with age, I became intolerant of my relatively thick contact lenses.

Out of desperation, I finally opted for RLE surgery; Refractive Lens Exchange. This is basically cataract surgery without the cataracts, and is done on an elective basis. Using either monovision...where one eye is slightly undercorrected...or accommodating lens which actually flex with your eye's muscle, both myopia and presbyopia can be eliminated or greatly relieved. The lenses also correct astigmatism.

I had RLE surgery done over a year ago and the results have been excellent. I wouldn't go around telling people to just have it done since it is very expensive and not covered by insurance. There are also risks involved, as with any eye surgery. It is, however, an option most people are unaware of, which is why I'm mentioning it.


#206817 G10 setup , housing strobes , wet lenses (yes another thred to help a Nubie)

Posted by saholz on 31 March 2009 - 11:03 AM in Photography Gear and Technique

I'm about ready to go for a g10 myself..

For less money than fix or patima, you can get the Ike housing, and have wired TTL, and a couple of ike strobes. Great products from a great company with unbelievably good support.

Wired TTL is more reliable than optical.

The new ike dome for the g10 housing brings it up to a full 28mm equiv fov, while still maintaining full zoom range.


I just went through the same thing and decided to get the Canon G10 as well. Mine came in a few weeks ago and, I must admit, this is an impressive camera. Fantastic resolution and really amazing image quality. I'm very impressed with the dedicated dials for exposure compensation and ISO settings. The menus are easy to navigate and well thought out. The camera's only real weak point is its noise at higher ISO settings, but it's fine up to ISO 200.

I have had very poor results using optical TTL systems in the past, so I bought the Ikelite 6146.10 housing for my G10. It's a solidly built and very well thought out housing, with controls for every G10 function. The camera is secured to the removable back plate via a thumb screw that fits into the tripod socket. The eTTL module is on the back plate, and the connector plugs into the camera's hot shoe. The back plate and camera can then be inserted into the main housing as a single unit. A sync cord then connects the housing to my Ikelite DS-125 strobe, which can be left in TTL mode.

Ikelite suggests using the G10 in Av mode and ISO 80. Since this camera can shoot from Bulb all the way up to 1/4000 second, this gives the camera great exposure flexibility under water. If set to Tv, the f/stop range is limited and can result in overexposures. I'm still not sure why Ikelite doesn't recommend P mode, but I expect I'll find out when I finally get a chance to test this system in the water.

The Canon housing is also decent, but like most other housings, does not offer eTTL and must either be used in manual mode or as an optical TTL unit that's fired by the camera's built in flash.


#205014 Canon G10

Posted by saholz on 17 March 2009 - 04:41 AM in Photography Gear and Technique

I have a Canon 40D as well as a Canon XT, but I chose to go with the Canon G10 for my next underwater setup. I'm in the process of selling my Olympus C-5050 and housing and wanted to go to a TTL system. I also am on a budget and wanted to keep my Ikelite DS-125 strobe.

The G10 is small and I can get the Ikelite eTTL housing with tray for about $600. A housing for my DSLR's would run well over $1400 with ports and be much larger in size. I understand the limitations of a P&S format compared to a DSLR, and I certainly know the problems involved with both TTL and manual, but I'm going to give the G10/Ikelite housing a shot and see how it works out.