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Fisheye and wide angle advice

07 December 2017 - 02:47 PM

Hi guys,

Ok so I will be upgrading from a 7D to full frame and have some questions. Currently I use a tokina 10-17 with a zen 100mm dome and throw a 1.4 tc on for real CFWA.

Now I love the CFWA but I also want to branch out and use a bigger dome when I upgrade for over-under etc. As I have only ever shot fisheye behind a small dome I am a bit confused as to what I want to get.

Lets base my questions on upgrading to a 5D mkiv.

I want to still keep the ability to shoot CFWA with a fisheye, for reefs and any big fish that will come close. For this can you use tokina shaved with the full frame and mini dome?

However I also want to shoot behind a big dome, if I kept the tokina will it work behind a large dome also? Or should I be looking at say the sigma 15mm for shooting behind both domes OR should I be looking at having either the sigma or tokina with a nice rectilinear behind a large dome?

Basically I am a little so confused if my tokina will suffice on a full frame and behind a large dome. Do fisheyes even work that well behind large domes?

Excuse the babbling but any help or tips would be appreciated.


FS: Nauticam NA-7D, ports, camera and lenses

07 December 2017 - 11:56 AM

I am selling my camera, housing and a couple of ports as I want to upgrade my system. The housing and camera have been with me since 2012 and have maybe 1500 dives or more with me, they are very well used but everything works as should. No issues.

I would really like the camera and housing to go to good homes. I am selling at a price I think is reasonable for the amount of wear on the gear. Ideally withy the price this gear would be perfect for someone looking to start in underwater DSLR photography with a budget system.

Lenses are in perfect condition.

Prices in USD, I am in Canada. International shipping at buyers cost.

NA-7D housing - $700 (well used, no sticky buttons, comes with spare o-rings)
Nauticam macro port 41 - $200 (well used, glass has a couple of small scratches that do not show on images)
Nauticam macro port 87 - $400 (good condition, no scratches on glass, not had as heavy use)
Canon 7D body - $400 (has cosmetic wear but works perfectly)
Tokens 10-17mm - $300 (relatively new, perfect condition, comes with zoom gear)
Canon 60mm macro - $250 (well used, great condition)

Can sell separately if needed.

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