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Light and Motion UW Housing for Nikon D200 w 2 Ports and Expanded Viewfinder

17 October 2012 - 03:34 PM

Selling Light and Motion UW Housing for Nikon D200, including D200 body and Pelican case. Great system. Used less than 20 hours. List of included items see below.

Housing underwent complete maintenance, pressure test in August 2012 at Light and Motion, CA.

Light and Motion UW Housing Titan D200 (for Nikon D200)

Titan 60mm Focus Gear set
Titan Macro Port
Titan Dome Port
Titan Extension Ring 4
Titan 12-24mm Zoom Gear
Titan Diopter Kit 77mm
Titan D200 Expanded Viewfinder (1:1)
Nikon D200 Body
Pelican Case

Asking $2,500 OBO (be reasonable). Proceeds will benefit the Taras Oceanographic Foundation (501-c-3). Check us out (www.taras.org). Portions of the website are undergoing re-construction. You can also find us on Facebook.

For Sale: Bluefin HC1 Pro Underwater Video Housing Including Sony HDR-HC1 Video Camera,...

30 September 2012 - 03:59 PM

The Bluefin HC1 is designed with an integrated system of housing, lights, monitor, and optics. Set-up is a snap. Controls include power on/off, record start/stop, double tap variable zoom control, electronic manual focus and momentary auto focus on/off. Housing also provides access to iris control and the tele macro function. Smart Grip Handles provide access to VTR playback for instant footage review. Also included is a Flip Down Color Correction Filter that provides easy transitions between ambient and artificial light.
Smart Grip Handles put important functions where you need them, at your fingertips. Handles provide non-penetrating push button controls, utilizing IR transmitters and receivers. No fumbling around for awkward levers and dials. As such, the housing is a natural extension of your hands, so capturing that perfect video sequence is made easy.

LMI Sunray S Elite Video Lights (w/infinity arms, battery pods) use memory free NiMH batteries that have a 40-minute burn time on high. Both the Classic and Elite systems offer 3 light intensity levels for exposure control on cameras that don't provide that function. They have 20-Watt halogen bulbs and cast an extremely even light on your subject. The Elite lights have underwater plugable connection cables, the Classic light cables are permanently built into the pod. The Elite kit includes a 1.5- hour smart charger that accepts voltages from 110V to 240V while the Classic kit includes a 110V overnight trickle charger. Asking $2,500 OBO (be reasonable). Proceeds go towards dolphin conservation. Questions? harzen@bluedolphinresearch.com