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In Topic: inexpensive brand/diy Leak detector?

29 March 2016 - 07:32 AM

Here is a link to a custom made vacuum valve by Miso at Vivid housing. It cost 65 Euros. I have been using it with a small aneroid barometer to monitor vacuum inside the housing. I had to shave some material from the back of the barometer, to make it fit loosely against the housing wall. I made an inexpensive pump that works very well to apply vacuum.


I have used this on system on two trips with good results. I had no problems rolling  off the side of a Zodiac with my rig in hand.


Albert Kok was going to test the use of a very small electronic mini altimeter. Maybe he will let us know how that worked out.



In Topic: Disabling/Bypass Ikelite TTL Controller on housing?

18 December 2015 - 06:55 PM

I had a similar problem - no control of the strobes, which flashed full power in both TTL and manual modes. Fortunately, this began to happen during a local dive rather than while on an expensive vacation. After a lot of wrong turns, I discovered that the problem was with the contacts on my camera's hot shoe, which was resolved by simply rubbing them with an eraser and a q-tip. 


It's good to know the remedies outlined by Jean at Ikelite for more serious problems. 

In Topic: how to DIY strobe floats from styrofoam ?

20 August 2015 - 04:36 AM

I don't have any problems with DYI as long as it is done properly. I don't understand why you guys are going over stuff that takes 3 coats and doesn't harden enough whilst there is cheaper solution but that's your choice.
What are your sources about the stix factory? You may want to make sure you can reference what you say before writing it down on a forum


The owner of that Stix factory is Dr. Evil, and it is only the first of many that he plans to build around the world. His ultimate goal is to make us completely dependant on him to keep our cameras from dragging us into the deep. My source for that is the same as yours for saying that the paints we are using will dissolve in the water, creating problems for the environment; Or that only those with good cutting tools and a lathe could make a decent camera float.


Why would you care whether someone else's DYI is done properly? Are you Dr. Evil? I'm kidding!

In Topic: how to DIY strobe floats from styrofoam ?

20 August 2015 - 03:02 AM

The paints you guys are discussing are not waterproof and not designed for marine application. Once they start solving in water they may create problems to the environment. You need to find something that is waterproof and not soluble like epoxy. Look in the boat or aircraft use not on the home use


"Rustoleum Leak Seal" is waterproof and the finish has remained intact during multiple dives. If you are worried about the environment, think about that vast Stix factory in southeast Asia: belching out clouds of toxins into the very air we breath; child labourers stooping over dangerous machinery - all of that just so you can float your camera in style. Compare that to a couple of guys shaping organic Divinycell using hand tools and traditional methods - making the world a better place in a small way.


Your blog article on manufactured floats is very thorough, but I don't get why you have such a problem with DIY solutions. DIYers like what they are doing. They would rather make it than buy it.



In Topic: how to DIY strobe floats from styrofoam ?

20 August 2015 - 01:54 AM

I saw the spray on type Rustoleium and the paint bucket version. Do you recommend the spray type for more even application but require multiple application, or just the bucket one so it require less application and can paint a thicker coat?


I didn't know Rustoleum came in a paint bucket - that may be a better option. The version that is applied with a spray can dries very quickly, and can leave you with a lumpy finish if you are in too big a hurry. If it gets lumpy, it helps to press out the lumps between coats (while it is still soft but not tacky). In the first picture from the link below you can see that I did it better with the float on the right than with the ones on a string. 



Is it possible that you could get a sealing finish with Fusion by applying more coats?