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In Topic: Canon 50D Announced

17 October 2008 - 08:56 AM

I just got my 50d today, its alot nicer than the xsi I had.

anybody know if the 40d housing will work ?

Ikelite webpage said they are working on a new case for the 50d.

In Topic: First Time User G7 pics

23 April 2008 - 06:01 PM

Just got Ik WA Lens for my g7 / Ikelite w/125 strobe.

I tried it in fresh water last week, going to take it in two weeks to caymens
I Can't wait to see it in action, I am hopeing it helps taking better pics.

anybody else using it.. does it help with focus or shudder lag ?

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In Topic: Considering Canon G9

01 February 2008 - 04:25 PM


Has the WA lens helped ?

Im getting ready to go on a few more trips and I am debating on getting
ikelite WA lens but cant deside.
i plan on taking pics of like fish.. not big stuff or macro

let me know
g7 ikelite+125 strobe

[attachment=7760:attachment][attachment=7761:attachment][attachment=7762:attachment]Given a budget and choice i would rather go for a DSLR too. In fact by the end of 2008 i will be making that jump. But here are some images taken with a G7/ike hou/ikeDS51 , some are without strobe, some with the short port and Ikelite wide angle lens. I dont think shaprness or cabability of the camera is an issue at all.

The link to pics is http://www.flickr.co...32146@N08/sets/

The honey comb moray is with the wide angle/short port/DS51 strobe. The nudi is with the normal port/macro/DS51 strobe. The last one is without stobe.

Cheers and good luck,


In Topic: First Time User G7 pics

21 October 2007 - 06:42 PM


yea the 125 got lots of power, I increased the DOF (f8) to help with the Focus troubles.
but you can see from the other pics it has its down falls.... Backscatter.. (due to the Strobe firing at full power)
probley would have been better but visabilty was not great.

Maybe a WA lens would help ???


Awesome pic peter.....love the composition a lot. The round brain corals of different colours on the left and the red background behind the moray...totally completes the picture.

I guess the DS125 makes a much bigger difference as far as power is concerned to get higher apertures and depth of field.

Ryan have you considered getting an additional strobe for your setup ?? I was thinking it may make sense..BUT if so which one..I am sure it will make a BIG difference for wide angle as well as macro cause you could use one flash as a fill in at the lowest power ??

Do give me some input and thoughts on this one.



In Topic: First Time User G7 pics

20 October 2007 - 05:42 AM

thanks for the input..

my DS-125 has a modeling light..

took this pic at night with it ,

f8, 1/60