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#158798 Thinktank Airport Acceleration & Urban Disguise 6

Posted by timrock on 19 February 2008 - 02:57 AM

I use a small ThinkTank and hand carry the housing, sometimes with strobes and arms folded and attached. Works well.

What seems to puzzle me is where are all these high-powered certifying agencies and government tourism bureaus?

Airlines seem to not even blink at making concessions for golfers, but when it comes to accommodating divers, we're on our own. I guess airline CEOs don't dive. We are constantly solicitied by resorts, dive agencies and tourism authorities to come and vist and snorkel and dive at their exotic and normally expensive locales but I see no lobbying on our behalf so we can bring the toys we need to enjoy our holidays.

If they want the financial benefits, then the need to start getting down in the trenches and do some lobbying on our behalf.

This thread shows we sneak around like a bunch of smugglers trying to outsmart a private enterprise that we pay money to for their flight service.

PADI, Cayman tourism and all the similar cert agencies and all the tourism bureaus should be lobbying the airlines since they say they want us to visit so badly. And the airlines should be trying to work with Homeland secuity and all similar government agencies to come up with reasonable and functional weight and carry-on guidelines accepatble to those who do this sport.

We pay PADI for certifivcation, resorts for room, board and diving, airlines for tickets, etc. and we still bear the burden of enjoying this sport. Who are the customers? Where is the customer service? Its about time these businesses earned their inflated prices and did something for their clients.

The next PADI specialty should be Cloak and Dagger Travelling. That's what things have come to in the last 7 years.

This is a great thread but the plane will fly with a few divers carrying an extra 20K. Where's the beef from the corporate and government powerhouses that drive this sport?