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#369082 Nikon D5 in Nikon D4S housings

Posted by Pedro Carrillo on 08 January 2016 - 04:43 PM



carefully looking at this since my D4 got stolen and I have an empty D4 Seacam housing :(


Taking Adam´s measures as a guideline to resize images of both cameras (all same length, 160mm, with about 1 mm discrepancy on the height -back view- and width -top view-), I would say that chances to keep access to most of the controls are high with a bit of rerouting and provided your housing has some room (as Seacam does).


Seems like movie rec button would be lost (bigger changes are on top buttons close to the shutter) and front dial wheel might need minor work, together with a slight displacement of buttons on the back


My call? Not impossible but work-intensive








#320465 Finally a new Nikon FX Fisheye lens at the horizon?

Posted by Pedro Carrillo on 13 November 2012 - 12:14 PM

Two days ago I ordered a Nikkor 16m and Sigma 15mm to B&H Photo (Alex, you could´nt help me to make my mind!) to pair with my brand new D4 (yes, Alex you HELPED me with that one! Posted Image )

Imagine how happy I am now! Luckily, rumors are just rumours, aren´t they? Posted Image