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Hammerheads in Bimini: Don Silcock's article in Anima Mundi

14 May 2019 - 05:00 AM

This is a terrific article with some great images and good info for prospective divers.  I'd like to give a shout-out to Don Silcock for his article that was published recently here:




Don, if you're out there, thanks a lot!


(and for those that are not aware, Anima Mundi is a wonderful source of inspiration)

do nudibranchs have a mating season?

04 March 2019 - 05:11 AM

So after nearly 15 years of the same dive sites, never seeing mating nudis, this past weekend they were literally everywhere.  We see eggs all the time, but until now no mating pairs.  I've searched but did not find any info on when they mate.  Is it moon phase, or tides, or just luck?


First up, mating nembrotha chamberlaini.  I was cursing my decision to rig for wide angle (until we came across a very cooperative hawksbill turtle)




Then a nudi that I don' know and cannot look up right now, and was not very cooperative:




What's the secret?



10 minutes in Anilao

10 February 2019 - 01:41 PM

We were feeling a bit lazy on Saturday morning, and decided to dive straight off the beach rather than get the boat and go to one of the better known sites.  After 5 minutes of getting to depth and settling into a meandering search across a mostly rubble bottom, we discovered a target rich environment. I took these four in quick succession, without really working at them. None of them are contest winners, and I regret not taking more time with the pygmy, but for straight-out-of-camera in under 10 minutes I was feeling a bit chuffed. By the way, the following 45 minutes featured egg and tiger cowries, cuttles, morays out hunting, and heaps of nudis of course. It was a lovely swim through some of Anilao's greatest hits.  I haven't posted any images in a while and just felt like sharing.  Happy diving, all. 











For sale: Nauticam flip diopter holder

05 January 2019 - 11:06 PM

Nauticam flip holder in near-perfect condition for $195.


This is for 67mm diopters (e.g. CMC, SubSee, etc) on M77 ports, part # 25103




Free shipping in the US after mid February, shipping elsewhere in the world will ship at cost. 




twin morays, solo shrimp - comments?

11 November 2018 - 01:14 PM

I haven't posted images in a while and am feeling a bit stuck with my usual subjects and technique, so here are two from my most recent dives.  Comments on new ways to shoot these subjects would be most welcome. 


These two white eyed morays did not seem too happy to be sharing a crevice. In fact, I rarely see morays sharing a spot. The slightly smaller one kept twisting around and nipping at the bigger one then they would wrestle a bit almost like kittens play-fighting. The lighting is a bit harsh, as I couldn't find a way to get my right side strobe around the obstructing bit of reef.  Maybe I should have brought the left side strobe up and closer to the top of the port?




This wire coral shrimp presented a promising composition as it was nestled into a loop of the coral. Again I could not move the strobes to eliminate the shadow on the subject due to space constraints. Also I should have left more space to crop and rotate!  




These both feel like cases where a single strobe more or less centered and up a bit higher might have produced better results, at the risk of harsher shadows.  As an aside, I find it challenging sometimes to position my relatively new Z-240 strobes for macro and really miss the tiny S-2000 strobes that I should not have sold!