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Canon 17-40mm and Ikelite Housing???

21 July 2009 - 01:51 AM

Hello everybody,

as I am in the market for an 5D MK II housing I consider Ikelite beneath others.

I had great results with Canons 17-40mm lens so far and consider it to be my WA choice.

When I read Ikelites port chart it states the #5503.51 BUT says also:
"Port is not long enough to accommodate accessory diopters or filters."

My questions:
- Is a +2 Diopter needed to get acceptable corner sharpness?
- Is close up WA (Dr. Mustards TM) possible without a diopter?
- AFAIK the 17-40mmm has a rear filter holder, Magic Filter will be possible after all
- Is the Port #5503.51 a good choice or is the 8" Dome necessary?

I would love to see sample pictures of this setup on a full frame camera....

Underwater Performance: Canon 5D Mark II vs. Sony HC7

06 July 2009 - 01:49 AM

Hello everybody!

I just created a short comparison video containing similar scenes from both cameras.

Of course this is no scientific test but I think it represents the real life behavior quite realistic.
Actually it sums up two weeks of experience of filming with the 5D MK II.

Befor I write my conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of both systems,
I am very interested in your opinions!

Link: http://www.belowthesurface.de then click "Comparison HC7-5D MK II" in the menu.

What do you think?