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In Topic: Olympus BLS-5/BLS-50 battery

17 September 2017 - 09:18 PM

I have no problems getting 80 shots out of a single OEM battery w strobe on. The battery prices are pretty high, but I found an extended grip w battery on sale, so I ended up paying not much more over an OEM battery, and I find the grip quite useful on land.


I can get 2 dives in when shooting macro. Wide angle, i can get 3 in since i tend to take fewer pics and a fair number of them are with the flash off.

In Topic: Nauticam housing flood

26 July 2017 - 10:37 PM

First time my leak alarm went off, it was due to small amounts of water collecting inside from condensation / not fully drying the housing whenever i opened it. Eventually there was enough to work its way down to the leak sensor to go off. Was easy to check as I tasted the water and it wasn't salty. No damage to the camera or housing.


Second time I was on the 3rd dive of the trip and it went off at 30meters due to one of the button o-rings. teaspoon of water got in, tipped it forward so it would pool in the doom. Camera was fine, housing electronics was fried. Got the whole thing rebuilt and 200 dives later still working.


If you dive enough, its a question of when you will flood, not if. Diving and saltwater is a very unforgiving environment to equipment. I've come to realize that unexplainable failures isn't whats weird; its going long stretches with no failures that is weird. Somethings bound to break down soon.

In Topic: Batteries for strobes

11 July 2017 - 09:39 PM

Get a Maha 8 battery charger. Best charger i've found and more convenient than 2 chargers when fighting for sockets. Bring 2 sets of eneloops for each strobe plus 2 spares. I've had batteries die on trips, and a single dead battery was enough to stop the strobe.

In Topic: Tubbataha - Will i regret not bringing macro?

28 May 2017 - 11:29 AM

The Australian one is pretty good to.

"There is a persistent threat of kidnapping in southern Philippines, including coastal and island resorts and dive sites, particularly in remote locations in the Sulu Sea. The situation in the southern Philippines also creates an ongoing risk of kidnapping in the coastal region of eastern Sabah in Malaysia, which is highest in the area between the towns of Sandakan and Tawau and particularly at outlying resorts."


The US has this to say

"Terrorist and insurgent groups based in the Sulu Archipelago continue to kidnap foreigners in the Eastern Sabah province of Malaysia and the southern Sulu Sea area.  This area stretches from the southern tip of Palawan, along the coast of Sabah, Malaysia and the islands of the Sulu Archipelago, up to Zamboanga City, Mindanao."


Tubbataha seems to be just north of this area.


My friends in security checked with their local contacts. They were less concerned about Palawan as the military always is more alert since the Dos Palams Kidnapping. My question to them is whether or not the military is really alert at Tubbataha.

In Topic: Tubbataha - Will i regret not bringing macro?

28 May 2017 - 09:19 AM

I should have expected the answer of X is just as dangerous as Y. But that really isn't my question, nor are these answers very useful. I'm not asking about broad geographical regions. We're talking about the Sulu sea. I don't think anyone would say that Jolo is just as safe as Paris to visit. Paris, Manila, Palawan, Tubbataha, Jolo, they are all different places (some more broad than others) with different risk profiles. Pretty much all western Embassy's have placed travel warnings for the Sulu Archipelageo, some have expanded that to include the Sulu sea, the US's warning includes kidnapping warnings for Palawan. Anyways, if people are interested, I have checked with some security consultants that I work with. I would summarize their advice as, Sulu Archipelageo  - DO NOT GO, Palawan - if you already planned a trip, don't need to cancel, but if you haven't made plans, don't put down non-refundable deposit. They are checking where Tubbataha lies between those two.