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Tubbataha - Will i regret not bringing macro?

14 May 2017 - 10:05 AM

Going to Tubbataha first week in June. Hope weather isn't too bad. I'm really trying to get my gear to as small as possible and thinking of not bringing the macro kit. From my research, seems like all the daytime dives you'll want to bring wide angle. Would i want macro for the night dives? My current thinking is to not bring the camera during the night dives (and thus don't need macro). But I'm slowing down - I used to do every dive possible, but on the last few trips I started skipping the night dives if there was nothing special. 

Leaving the camera at home

10 October 2016 - 12:15 AM

I try to do 2-3 trips and log 60-80 dives a year. I live in SEA, and I've been able to do liveaboard trips to Philippines,  Micronesia, Indonesia, Maldives... great diving within a few flights from home. Five years ago i decided to combine photography with diving into one mega money sink of a hobby. Started off with a point and shoot, added a strobe, upgraded to an EM1 in a Nauticam housing, added another strobe... added ports... lights...diopters. Its become a monstrous beast, taking more and more of my time. It may not have the full bulk of a DSLR, but its got the same level of complexity. It takes a full day to maintain, test and pack my camera before a trip. And then a full day to unpack, clean, and store in such a way that I can find all the parts again 6 months later. During the dive trips, I'd spend much of my free time in the camera room, changing batteries, swapping lenses/ports, downloading RAW files while my girlfriend would be relaxing / reading her book (i.e., taking a nap).


For my next dive trip, i'm thinking of leaving the camera at home and just enjoying the diving and the sun deck. It would be a tremendous load off my mind (and back). Anyone ever try leaving their camera at home? Will I re-discover the freedom to dive without my camera, or will i just be taunted by endless streams of hairy pygmy false whale sharks holding perfect poses 2 meters from my mask.


Oh yeah, and i've been into drones for the last few years. I'll keep bringing that. DYI drones are far more demanding than UW photography. I guess I could get a DJI, but where is the fun in that?