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Backscatter Macromate for Ikelite DSLR Housings

16 March 2017 - 04:39 PM

Aloha All, I have a Macromate close-up lens that I will be putting on ebay unless anyone here wants it. I originally used it on the older Ikelite housing with the clear port for a Canon 100mm macro. It worked great. When I moved up to the new black ports I had to grind the “U” shape out of the extension to fit the part where the two pieces come together. You can see this in the photos. So this will work on the old clear port for the 100mm or the black glass port. The following is from Backscatters website about this product…….

“Extreme Macro
Get incredibly sharp 2:1 (twice life-size) macro images with the underwater removable MacroMate lens for underwater SLR housings. The MacroMate doubles your 100mm or 105mm image size by allowing you to get closer to the subject.

Sealed Achromatic Glass Optics
Custom achromatic lenses are sealed in a glass optical housing and provide extreme magnification with incredibly sharp edges. This unique design produces much tighter and sharper images than simple close-up lenses that are exposed to water. The air sealed chamber maximizes the optical properties of the close-up lens without distortion or soft edges.

The MacroMate is designed for a snug fit on the lens and when not in use, the photographer can quickly flip the lens up and out of the way. This is just the Macromate close-up lens. The port is NOT included.

Optics: Multi-coated acromatic lenses sealed in an optical glass housing
Magnification: 2:1 (2x lifesize)
Hardware: Custom machined delrin adapter with stainless fasteners
Weight in Air: 1.55 lb / 24.8 oz (most designs)
Weight in Fresh Water: 0.56 lb / 9 oz (most designs)”


You can see more about this on the Backscatter website. They sell them for $599.00. The first person with $300.00 plus $15.00 shipping will get this one. Let me know if you have any questions.

David Fleetham



Canon 5D mark3 and Ikelite housing

30 December 2016 - 10:10 PM

Aloha Gang,


I have a Canon 5D mark3 camera body and Ikelite housing that I will be putting on eBay sometime in January if no one here wants it. $3000.00 including shipping to the USA. It is one housing with no ports (although we can talk about ports and I may be able to help you there). The camera is body only, with body cap, one battery and charger. There are a few images here and you can see many more at the following link.....




Both are in perfect working order. They will be replaced with a 5D markIV.


David Fleetham