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Plans for focus light bracket

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Posted 01 December 2005 - 02:54 PM

Recently I purchased a UKE L2 dive light. Very small (only slightly larger than my middle finger) and a very bright (brighter than most 6 C-cell lights) though narrow beam.

I think this would make a perfect focus light for macro. There bright beam is what you need for macro.

So I have been working on a way to mount it.

Narrow beam is OK for macro but aiming may be difficult so I want something that will make aiming easy. I found that aiming the focus lights on my DS-125's was too difficult. Thus I wanted something easier to aim.

So the idea was something that will only allow the light to pivot in 1 dimension. The light will always be parallel to the port when you look from above, but when you look from the side it can pivot.

I am very experienced at plumbing so PVC pipe is my preferred material choice. For me it is the easiest to work with so that is what I chose for my design.


The attached image is not to scale. I am thinking that I would probably use 3/4" pvc.

The 4-way fitting would not be glued in place to allow rotation.

The light will fit relatively snugly inside a 3/4 fitting so all that would be needed to attach the light to the fitting would be a rubber band to make sure the light did not float away.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions (for this/similar design or for an other device all together) before I go buy the parts and give it a try.

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