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WARNING Seacam Subsea Systems

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#1 crusty


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Posted 28 December 2005 - 03:10 PM

Just a warning to you underwater videographers...Seacam Subsea Systems is making a housing for the Sony HVR-Z1U/FX1 that doesn't work and it leaks. I paid (in March) $3600US for a housing that the controls didn't work and the unit leaked. I sent it back for repairs, but it came back and still leaked. The controls are awkward to use and only work sometimes. Business practices at Seacam are that too bad if it doesn't work--too bad it took a long time to ship (4 months when promised 1)--too bad that we've held your unit for the past 4 months and don't know when we'll send it back to you--and NO you CAN'T have your money back. It doesn't seem to matter that you've lost jobs and money (to the tune of $10,000) because you don't have a unit you can depend on--too bad we don't keep our promises at any point in the process--too bad the unit leaked and damaged your camera. I've been threatened with the police if I try to hash things out face to face. I've used a number of different housings during my career and NEVER had one leak EVER. Remember, you heard it here...

#2 kdietz



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Posted 28 December 2005 - 06:44 PM

So....why do they call you Crusty?..... :( :blink: :P

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#3 motionsync


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Posted 29 December 2005 - 08:30 AM


Is Chrismas. Give the guy a break.. dont you see he is in pain:-)

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#4 kdietz



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Posted 29 December 2005 - 09:59 AM


We wife doesn't appreciate my humor either :( :blink:

Happy New Year,

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#5 Drew


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Posted 30 December 2005 - 02:08 PM

Hi Crusty
I believe the owner of Seacam Subsea use to be part of the equinox video housings. Anyhow, you'd do better to complain to the Better Business Bureau. Your legal course would be to take him to small claims. Also for your next purchase, put it on the credit card. Easier to stop payment with a cc rather than lose hair and sleep. Any business that doesn't accept cards, well I'd walk.

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Posted 30 December 2005 - 04:42 PM

Crusty - I agree with Drew. Complain to the BBB. I appreciate that you took your concerns here to Wetpixel, but you should be careful with statements like, "Seacam Subsea Systems is making a housing for the Sony HVR-Z1U/FX1 that doesn't work and it leaks."

In my opinion, the rest of your post is more effective at sharing your experience with the company, and there is not (yet) a need to make general statements that are harder to back up.

Hopefully, we'll get more folks with Seacam Subsea housings to chime in here.
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#7 Photobeat


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Posted 01 January 2006 - 05:12 PM

Is this the same seacam that makes the U.W camera housings that Stephen Frink uses?
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#8 Giles


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Posted 01 January 2006 - 05:19 PM

No they are two different companies.

http://www.seacamsys.com/ SeaCam Subsea Systems is a company that produces Mostly prof and consumer video housings andon their website also advertise a surf housing.

Not to be mistaken for http://www.seacam.com/ Seacam which makes high quality Photography housings which are sold all over the world. (and yes distributed by Stephen Frink in the USA)
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#9 gonetobaja



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Posted 20 June 2006 - 09:14 PM

Seacam Subsea Systems makes a underwater housing for the Sony Z1-U that dosent work and leaks. We also had a problem with the housing and sent it back to the manufacturer and he just didint do anything. the unit is bulky square and has a big fat lead bar for weight. We dont use those systems anymore. We now use the Sea and Sea FX-1.

The leader of our dive team, Scott Cassell is featured on the website. We were using his system and have really put it to the test. But after the first few times out we started to get problems with it and leaks that fried a FX-1 camera. We have not requested to be removed from his website however now that it has come to our attention that our problem was not an isolated case we may change our mind.

More important is that nothing was done and we are also out money and time. We have not had any problems with the Sea and Sea housings and have been very happy with them.

In my opinion it is a bad idea to buy anything from that company and I echo the call that Crusty put out.


#10 crusty


    Hermit Crab

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 09:26 PM

Hey Starfish,
I was at his house on Thursday--took the HB cops with me to make sure I didn't get arrested. I confronted him about the money he owes (won a judgement in Westminster CA small claims court). He said he wasn't going to pay...I recommended him to two other folks here in Hawaii (before I had my problems) and they are having control problems and leaks. This guy is a pathological liar and seems to feel that he is in the right--I wish I could get away with kicking his ass--but I know I'll end up in jail... I hope you have better luck with him--keep me posted!


#11 gonetobaja



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Posted 21 June 2006 - 07:27 AM

I have had no better luck with the guy, to be honest we have given up on any products from that manufacturer. We dont communicate with him at all and pretend he is just out of business and the money we spent to be lost. Like you, at first we thought he was a cool guy but excuses and attitude dont help any business run. If I were you I would just leave the guy alone and consider the money lost. It will cost you more in anger and time to get if from that dude. I have had judgements on people before and the bottom line is its hard to get water from a handfull of dry sand. To deny a court order to pay I believe is called "contempt".

IMHO beating the wind out of him will only help to fuel his excuse tank on why he is such a looser....

"I would have had your orders ready but some crazy diver beat me up and I just dont know why?!"

Let that guy founder in his own life......

Besides if you spend 1 minute in cuffs because of him then he has robbed from you and then put you in jail because of it. besides if you break a bone in your hand you will have discomfort when loading your gear into your new housing. B)

His will come......just not from us.


#12 RebreatherDave


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Posted 26 June 2006 - 10:39 PM

If you have a judgement, then it is just a formal matter for the judge to give you a write of execution empowering the Sheriff's to seize his biz bank account or do a till tap.

If you want to have more fun, fill out a small claims or app which is an order for appearance for a judgment debtors asset hearing. When he fails to show, then it is just a routine matter for the judge upon your request to issue a bench warrant for his arrest.
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#13 Kelpfish


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Posted 27 June 2006 - 04:54 AM

Dave is right. With a judgement, you can place a lien on his property for fairly cheap. I would not give up. I'd make his life miserable through any legal channels you can muster up. 3k aint nothing to just give up on. If he has a job or business you can garner his wages.
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