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Sharing videos ,photos , music.. from your Pc

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#1 miguelvideosub



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Posted 11 May 2006 - 12:15 PM

Hello to all. I want to ask if somebody knows this way to share videos or photos( also music), although it seems that the way is that they are possible to be unloaded directly from your PC(at the moment is no version for Mac), but it is free...I wanted to know what do you think about this posibility...and what problems could we find...
Relative links..
Example from someone who works at this company

I have not installed anything still, but the idea seems to me interesting, mainly to share with a group of friends your photos and videos.What do you think?
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#2 wagsy


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Posted 11 May 2006 - 04:57 PM


I downloaded it and gave it a go.
It cannot take the new QT H.264 or ipod m4v files yet by the looks but all other formats it seems oka with.

You don't upload anything, it just pulls the file from you computer to play, so you save time in not having to upload any files. However, I have only 14 GIGS of traffic per month so could go over it quite easy from my computer. My website host give me heaps more than that so uploading to my site is still the best for me.

You also have to sign out to close the program and have to have the program running, connected to the net for others to view your page etc. If you close the program then your page does not work. :D

It ended up in the trash can for me :lol: but might work for some people.

I think uploading to a server is still the best for me anyhow.
You can use my free UPLOAD page/service if you like.

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#3 miguelvideosub



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Posted 13 May 2006 - 11:31 PM

Hi, wagsy
I thank for your offer to upload files, but at the moment I do not need it. I am using Aruba whichs allows that I can upload files without any limit and is not the reason by which I put this this question.
However, I consulted the subject in another forum that I participate and some answers make think the possibility me of not installing it. I opened an account anyhow, but when seeing since it works I have cleared some parameters of the program that causes that it begins with Windows. Here is an response from someone..
From my experience, running a web server on Windows is a huge
security risk... Especially if it is the same machine you use for personal
computing. The average user has no idea about Internet security and
anytime you open a network port open the risk of being hacked.
Windows is not like UNIX (Mac/Linux). A security flaw in an
Windows app can easily allow root access to the whole operating system.
UNIX on the other hand has a very robust permissions system that
provides a much higher level of security. That being said, I would never
recommend a user run a web server off their personal machine.
Please let me know when you have a version that can be run on
remote server. Not to diss your product, but in my opinion the
risk is far greater than the benefit.

Actually wagsy, I have more than 3 gigas in videos on my server, and works fine..but
this option I still think that for some cases could be interesting.. Thanks for your answer....(sorry I could not replay before, but I have some work which make to be out of my pc)
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#4 WaterWorks


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Posted 14 May 2006 - 05:24 AM

How about some straight forward Peer to Peer filesharing software like Limwire, or Acquisition......

Peer to Peer AKA "P2P"........

seems to work for the masses and also allows Joe public the chance to get your files aswell.....

just make sure that they are all in a seperate folder on your computer - maybe called shared files - and that you command the software to only let public members into that particular folder.......

Good luck....