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Finning on the Front Line

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Posted 24 January 2007 - 11:20 PM

Well...i would like to agree with you...but in this case it was "authentic". Raja Ampat is a special territory in Indonesia that has two levels of law. National Law administered in Jakarta and local law adminstered by tribal leaders. Understand, there are only 30,000 local residents in Raja Ampat (vs. almost 200Million in Indonesia). It is a kingdom of small "states", all governed by elders. In addition, the local laws extend beyond land and include the reefs....they consider it all one ecology.

From what I understand from the follow up to this encounter, a senior village elder had actaully signed this "license", not fully aware that it was in the marine protected area. Upon follow up, he has apologized for this error and committed to more sternly uphold the no fishing provisions.

Thanks for the explaination shawn..just one more question on this matter..

If these states are governed by elders..and local laws extend beyond land and include the reef..who's responsible fot enforcing the no fishing provision??..wouldn't every "states" have their own jurisdiction n enforcement?? Looking the the pictures taken, I would think this one only one of many fishing boats which were hunting sharks since it is such a lucrative business..these are the only one caught on cams..what about others (how many?? :glare: ) that would have gone on fishing till the reef is empty??..