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Ike is no more

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#1 Viz'art


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 07:51 AM

It is with great sadness that I found on a forum today that Ike had passed away.

We started by being sparing partners, then went on to become chiding partner only to become chatting friend, Old man, my e-mail box will be truly empty now that your not here anymore.

My diving flag is at half mast, to the family, co workers, friends and to the diving community I send my condolences. We have lost a great one.

My best to the family and may you honor him by continuing his legacy.

Jean Bruneau 


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#2 derway


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 09:31 AM

I was wondering if he was very sick. Hadn't replied to any of my emails for the last couple of months. His child, Jean, finally replied, but gave no indication of his health.

Ike will be greatly missed here. He brought blessings to all he dealt with, and I hope those blessings will reflect back on his family, friends, and company, in this time of loss.
Don Erway

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#3 Alex_Mustard


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 09:39 AM

Very sad news.
Ike's legacy is assured and Ikelite gear will continue to produce some of the greatest underwater images as well as bring pleasure to a great many underwater photography enthusiasts.


Alexander Mustard - www.amustard.com - www.magic-filters.com
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#4 Arnon_Ayal


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 10:41 AM

So sad to ear it.
Arnon Ayal www.arnonayal.com
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#5 Rocha


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 11:04 AM

Very sad news indeed, he always went out of his way to provide some of the best customer service in the industry. We will all miss him!

Luiz Rocha - www.luizrocha.com
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#6 seagrant


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 12:20 PM

Ike was always most kind to me and took the time to care :rolleyes:

That is a wonderful legacy and one that other manufacturers might want to emulate.

I too will miss him but I'm sure he will find some way to continue his underwater adventures in the future - wherever that may be.... ;)

Sincerely, Carol

#7 xtremediver


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 01:40 PM

Wow, such sad news, he will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy for the family and all of his friends both on these boards and others. What a major impact he has had on the u/w photography and diving community. Sad day. Thanks Ike for all you've done for us! :rolleyes:
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#8 Cerianthus


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 01:45 PM

Also my condolances to his family and co-workers. Never dealt with him directly, but sure enjoyed his posts on the forum.



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#9 ChrisJ


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 02:44 PM

very very very sad new indeed. my prayers for him and his family.
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#10 LChan


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 03:01 PM

My deepest condolances to his family and the Ikelite family.

When I first started doing underwater photography - in fact my first diving trip, my brand new DS-125 died after 3 dives. Not only did Ike respond to my emails immediately, but he replaced my equipment as soon as i got back home. He and his company has always had the very best customer service, which I wish others would emulate. His products got many of us into u/w photography with good quality at a great value.

Thanks Ike.
God bless.

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#11 shchae


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 03:16 PM

It is sad & my condolances to the family.

Like all of you know, I also, agree that he provided the best customer support we know.

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#12 JackConnick



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Posted 28 December 2006 - 03:17 PM

Ike was a true pioneer and really invented the ability for hobbyist/photographers to take there cameras uw at a reasonable cost.

When I first learned to dive in 1969, there were only very expensive metal housings available. Divers were tinkering around making plex boxes, but controls and one-piece boxes that were durable were hard to figure out.

Ike came up with the idea of kits and controls you could buy to house your camera. He talked to divers and helped them to figure out their systems, learning what they wanted as well. They were very popular and created an instant industry. He expanded and innovated into the company they are today, never forgetting his "garage roots".

I always enjoyed trading emails with him and will miss his curmudgeonly ways and funny posts. Enjoy your endless supply of Black Jack Ike!


Jack Connick
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#13 Lionfish43


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 03:53 PM

Very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.
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#14 herbko



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Posted 28 December 2006 - 04:00 PM

Very sad news indeed. We will all miss him.
Herb Ko http://herbko.net
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#15 Rattus


    Sting Ray

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Posted 28 December 2006 - 04:20 PM

Ike set a gold standard for customer care and had a wonderfully dry, self-deprecating sense of humour on the forums. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

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#16 Steve Jones

Steve Jones

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Posted 28 December 2006 - 04:59 PM

so sorry to hear this news

my condolences

Steve Jones
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#17 SeaDogDiver


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 05:25 PM

Our small underwater community has lost a great innovator, supporter, and friend. As many on this forum know, Ike set the bar high in customer service and personnally touched many of us.

You will be missed............

Condolences and kindest regards to Ike's family. co-workers and friends.

#18 echeng


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 06:56 PM

We will indeed miss Ike here. I'll miss him personally as well. He's always been a big supporter of Wetpixel and of my endeavors as an underwater photographer. In fact, Ike was the first person I met in the industry -- he wrote me randomly after finding the first underwater photos I ever took (with an Ikelite housing).

My condolences go out to everyone who has corresponded with Ike in the past. He's certainly not someone easily forgotten...
eric cheng
publisher/editor, wetpixel
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#19 I-NSC



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Posted 28 December 2006 - 08:57 PM

Ike was very helpful to me when I was about to embark on my research project studying on Manta rays in Bali. Sadly, my housing developed a crack on the base and needed urgent repairs. He not only stopped production on the line to manufacture a replacement housing, he also sent it via DHL just to get it to me on time; Making this project a successful one.

My condolences goes out to the family and staff of Ikelite.

#20 mondo


    Moray Eel

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Posted 28 December 2006 - 09:21 PM

Like many who have responded, I am very sad to hear of Ike's passing.

I've used a bit of Ike gear over the years, and I've enjoyed the great customer service that Ike is famous for.

I trust his legacy will live on, and send my condolences to his family, friends and the people at Ikelite.