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I want to be attacked by a Humboldt Squid.......

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Posted 23 May 2007 - 09:51 AM

So I get this call from a producer for Animal Planet. He says he has a host of the show that is investigating if a humboldt squid will really attack a diver. The show he was doing is called Rogue Nature, the name of the host is Dave Salmoni.

We took him on our regular dive with the tourists, hooking up a squid cam to one animal and checking out the footage later. Also a dive to introduce him to the physiology of the animal also. But on the last day we took him up to an area where the squid are fished commercialy. The commercial fishermen clean their catch and throw the remains back in the water creating a giant feeding frenzy of all types of animals.

Imagine 300 pangas all catching Giant Humboldt Squid, cleaning them and throwing back everything but the mantle and fins. The tentacles and insides from 300 fishing pangas baiting up the water for everything. In these conditions you are 99% certain to get "engagement".

We had him train up for the trip knowing he was going to get attacked. We had him train with one of our german shepherds. He learned how to deal with getting attacked by an animal and was ready for the trip. We dont usualy take people to that area because we know that it gets crazy there. We like to stay where things are more mellow, but we still wear our armor just in case.

The show is going to be on Animal Planet tonight if you want to see it.


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Posted 23 May 2007 - 08:55 PM

Didn't Howard Hall get a nip by one a couple of years back while filming ?

Sounds like a dumb idea all round to me - but if we loose a couple of TV presenters - so what......

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