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Muddy waters

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#1 Alcadhrim


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Posted 27 September 2010 - 06:08 AM

I was happy while shooting this pictures, first the animal is difficult to see (thanks to my wife and buddy!), second they are few at this time. But I find a lack of contrast when looking the result on my PC. What do you think, clearly it is cold and and fresh water, in fact the reality is well given by the colors, but, could I do it better?

Posted Image

#2 tdpriest


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Posted 28 September 2010 - 12:15 AM

Try side-lighting with a single strobe, or using two strobes at different powers. If the dominant strobe is aimed behind the subject it is outlined, if aimed in front, the subject stands out against a darker background.



#3 Paul Kay

Paul Kay

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Posted 28 September 2010 - 01:22 PM

Its very difficult to offer suggestions on an image like this without seeing the original (raw?) file, however....

I'd suspect that the subject and surroundings both absorb light very effectively so you are getting little reflected light onto the subject which means that t has no reflected or 'fill' light from its surroundings so the shadowed area is very dark whilst the lit area is lit much the same as the surroundings. The only real solution is to add a fill in flash and expose to the limit of the raw file's ability to handle highlight detail - this will give you a lighter image which you can darken to provide decent blacks whilst still retaining a brighter overall image. Easier to do than explain! What you don't want is a dark image which will suffer if brightened. Personally I would put the main strobe closer to the subject too (if possible) to make its effect slightly softer and provide a slightly more flatly lit image.

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#4 Alcadhrim


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Posted 28 September 2010 - 11:19 PM

Yes I should have post the RAW file, I will do that .

You're rigth, the subject is very mimetic. The water is dark (It was raining) even if the depth was really... (5m eeeh 15 feet). I guess if the diffusor has changed anything (one "on" and the other one "off").

I have had two strobes one frome the sligthy up left and one just on the top, distance less than 1/2 foot (both). I was nearly on the bottom (myself I mean) and I could not put on strobe closer (or on the rigth) because of the stones shape.

Thanks indeed for the ideas. ^_^