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2011 Monthly Photo Contest Topics

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 06:41 AM

Month Topic Detailed Description

JANUARY - Eyes and/or Teeth : The main point of interest is eyes or teeth. Subjects need not be limited to fish.
FEBRUARY - Seahorses & pipefish : Just like it says. Anything in the subfamily "Syngnathinae".
MARCH - Blue water : Any primary subject as long as the background has a nice blue color
APRIL - Negative space : Subjects that are nicely composed against negative space backgrounds. Negative space is defined as the area of an image not occupied by shapes or forms.
MAY - Oddshaped bottom dwellers Infrequent swimmers : Frogfish, crabs, flounder, scorpionfish, toadfish, batfish, lizardfish, crocodile fish. If it is a bit odd looking and spends most of its life on or in the sand or reef, it probably qualifies.
JUNE - It's only coral : Shots of coral. The coral can be "inhabited" but it must be very prominent in the picture or the main subject. There are a lot of "coral" species so you might want to look it up.
JULY - Macro subjects : The main subject is smaller than an orange. Can be a portion of a larger subject (eyes, fins, etc). Should be taken with a macro lens or one that focuses close. Don't just crop the heck out of a picture.
AUGUST - Sand & Muck denizens : Fish & critters that live in sand or muck.
SEPTEMBER - Patterns : Geometrical or interesting textural patterns are a primary element of the image even if there are other nongeometric elements in the shot. Can be made up of one or multiple subjects but a pattern must be apparent to the viewer.
OCTOBER - They come out after dark : Night creatures. Things that are out at night. The shots must be taken between dusk and dawn. This topic is pretty broad since a "creature" is defined as anything alive.
NOVEMBER - Black & White (or Monocolor) : Monocolor images (black & white, sepia, blue tone, etc.). Only shades of one color are allowed. Can be taken as a monocolor image straight out of the camera or edited down from full color.
DECEMBER - Best of HUPS : Open category for Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced. Creative category is for all entrants and "anything goes" (3 images maximum per category). Any image taken underwater is allowed in each of the first 3 categories. This includes images that have placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, in this year’s monthly contests. Please note that 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners in Best of HUPS are not eligible for any HUPS contest in following years. Anyone is allowed to enter in the Creative category. It is basically a free ride for your creative juices. Photoshop away (or any other digital manipulation program).

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