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Adapting a Film Housing to digital cameras

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Posted 12 October 2011 - 11:53 AM


This forum is really great for information, so im sure its the right place to ask.

Im looking for information on how to adapt a film housing to fit a digital camera.

My project started finding a Sea & Sea 2nd hand housing for a N90 or F90 nikon, im sure it would been easier with a bigger or more similar model like the f100 or other of the latest nikon film cameras, but i couldnt find one on my price range.

My housing is a NX-90Z

Now, i know for sure i can put a digital camera on this housing, a d40/d40x or a d60 will fit for sure, and when the housing arrives i will check with d300 or d90 to see if it fits.

Im a photographer, specially a surf photographer, and i have surfing housings, but i wanted something to do some UW shoots for fashion, and diving now and then. Of course i could not justify the price of a housing without an intensive diving, and a port for half in the water half out of it for my surf housing was almost as expensive as the whole set of the film housing with the 8" dome port, so i decided to try the latest.

My main questions are:

- What are the very basic controls that you need to use on a dive?? on surfing we just set most of the time the lens on HyperFocal and we set-up everything before the shooting, and once in the water we just shoot, always in raw of course. maximum you can change the shutter or the apperture, but i dont see much sense for most of the rest of the controls of my camera on a surfing controled scenario. Its diving the same?

- Has anyone done a conversion like this? any site where i can get extensions or changes for the buttons of my housing? i pretend to re-ubicate some of the buttons and anulate others, any tips or ideas on how to do those buttons?

thanks guys, any help will be appreciated!

If anyone has any info on a site talking deeply about the Sea & sea n90x housing that would be helpfull aswell!

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