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Custom Settings Menu - What do you do

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#1 loftus


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Posted 25 October 2012 - 11:29 AM

The current thread on AF-On vs Shutter half pressed for autofocus, and the addition of Fn controls on the Subal D4 housing got me to thinking about whether underwater photographers set up any custom setting menus for underwater vs topside, and even different underwater shooting situations. I can think of various situations where this might be appropriate - macro vs wide angle, video vs stills etc. I'd like to hear if folks are doing this, and of course the Canon equivalent.
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Posted 26 October 2012 - 05:56 AM

I have 4 basic setups:

WET (underwater)
DRY (snapshots)

which contain my custom settings...

... but I still have to fiddle with AF and strobe mode from time to time, not to mention white balance.

#3 Lwang



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Posted 26 October 2012 - 12:21 PM

I don't set anything for topside, since I can go and set specifically what I want.

But my custom modes on my camera are:

- General closeup shooting- lens slightly zoomed in (you can see I don't use an DSLR), relatively high shutter speed, spot focus, internal flash on TTL (to light up the external strobes)
- Reefscape mode - lens fully zoomed out, no flash, auto ISO (light condition never the same), a bit more color saturation, custom WB to custom 1 (which I usually set, to be roughly the distance of subject that I would usually take..e.g...on 80 ft dive, I will take pix of sandy bottom when I am 60ft down, to simulate whiteboard at 20ft away, which would be my general subject distance. If no sandy bottom).
- Macro mode - lens set to macro, full time AF (maybe I took it off, eating up too much batteries), internal flash set to slave at minimum power (camera doesn't do TTL in macro) to light up external strobe, which I would set to manual and adjust accordingly.
- General closeup mode again - so that when I turn the knob the wrong way, it will take me back to this instead of doing a simulated full turn of the knob on my screen.

Plus, since when going into video mode, it is a PITA to jump to custom WB to select the proper one, I would, before switching to video mode, change to Reefscape mode, which sets the WB to UW, then when I go to video mode, it will be ready to shoot. I do usually have another WB set, which is subject of around 5 ft away, so if I am shooting video of something more closer, I would have to manually select that WB.

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