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Do any of you dive with Tec cargo shorts?

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#1 johnspierce


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Posted 26 September 2013 - 11:51 AM

Something like this:




I find myself needing more room to carry photography stuff.  Like two diopters, tripod, hand mirror, filters for gopro, safety sausage, snorkel, etc.  Even though I don't use a BP/W and have pockets on my BC, they seem to always be full :D

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#2 Vondo


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Posted 26 September 2013 - 02:21 PM

I dive with the original X-shorts but not for photo gear. I modified mine to add D-rings inside that I could clip to because things will come out. If you don't get the velcro latched down right, you can have big gaps that small things can escape.


for me, I keep a SMB and reel in one pocket, a strobe and fold-up snorkel in the 2nd. The 2nd pocket also has my wetnotes. Getting stuff out is easy. Getting it clipped and shoved back in takes a bit more effort.


I'd really look at the highland version as well. They have nice loops of webbing with D-rings on the end.

#3 errbrr


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Posted 28 September 2013 - 05:47 AM

I love the pockets on my drysuit, and I find diving in wetsuits without them very annoying! It's worth considering shorts with one zip and one velcro pocket, and making sure they have a metal eyelet for attaching bungee to. Or you can get pockets retrospectively stuck on to your suit.

#4 tdpriest


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Posted 28 September 2013 - 06:35 AM

As I've said before, if I go equipped for anything that might crop up, my photography is bland and uninspired. Diving with just the equipment for the shot that I've planned yields much better images for me.


That said, I dive with a wing and soft-pack harness to which I've added DiveRite pockets. I use a Gorillapod for an external strobe sometimes, which is clipped onto the bottom D-ring on the side of my harness (on the other side is my reel, on every dive). One Pocket has a fold-up snorkel, a wrapped-up buoy and a compass on a lanyard, the other can have photographic bits, except that they're usually on my camera. I've bought a threaded holder for wet diopters that is velcro'ed to the float on on strobe arm.


Techies are good at loading their harnesses without impeding access or their movement, and I've learned a lot about rigging gear from a Tech diving course. Putting pockets over your hips and clipping gear behind your ass(US) or bum(UK) works pretty well.