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Manipulation of marine life for pics

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#21 apete


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Posted 16 December 2004 - 09:56 AM

With everyone admitting that one thing they allow themselves to do, Iíve learned at least ten new tricksÖ

On one dive we were visited by a dolphin. It rubbed its belly on a gorgonian and pulled up soft corals to juggle with. Iíve been told dolphins are intelligent creatures. We should try talking them. If theyíre going to live in the oceans they have to learn how to behave.

Iíve seen reefs in really bad condition Ė dead. They were not killed by fins, fingers, strobes or anchors. Instead they were killed by things like nutrients released in the water and the global temperature increase. (Iíve also seen the effects of dynamite fishing.)

Contemplate your last dive vacation: How much energy (oil) did you consume? How was the food you ate produced? How much did your baggage weigh; did it contain anything you could do without? What happened to the waste you produced?

Donít scare fish or touch/break coral if you can help it, but put things in perspective. Getting rid of your car, pulling the plug on the air conditioner and convincing your neighbour to do the same thing would be great deeds.

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Posted 16 December 2004 - 12:06 PM

Anders, while your point is not lost, I believe you have lost the context of the discussion. Yes reefs are in bad shape around the world(70% dead or damaged), and a lot is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity. Perspective is obviously key. You want things to be absolute protection, removing humans from the face of the planet is the only way, right?
The point is that while we are in water, trying to preserve the creatures/environs for others to enjoy is a good thing. And while you're at it, living a little more environmentally friendly wouldn't hurt.
As for the dolphin/turtle/grouper argument,once the discussion goes down that route, then there isn't much point going further. All I will say is every little bit of protection helps, and it starts with divers who cares for their environment.

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