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Baja Mexico, LaPaz

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Posted 09 August 2002 - 01:36 PM

I finally found time to put some shots on the web from a recent trip to LaPaz - just dumped them on Yahoo until I figure out what I want to do longer term. http://photos.yahoo..../scubalien2001/ with 2 galleries: a general one and one containing just nudis. Andi--I saved a few of the best for your site in response to your CP5000 request. The vis and conditions were not as great as last Christmas, but still a good trip. I highly recommend Cantamar if anyone heads down that way. All in all I'm fairly pleased with the results of my first trip with a "real" UW rig--blew far more shots than I pulled off, but got some I'm v. happy with.

When it comes right down to it, most of my problems are slight-to-extreme overexposure, which just needs more practise, and more practise, and... If anyone takes a look, any feedback, goood, bad, or ugly, is very welcome. And, here are a couple of specific questions. 1) The jawfish pic - highlights are blown but the exposure on the fish seems decent and I'm not sure it would be better exposed less and losing the details in the shadows. -- Is this a lack of dynamic range in a prosumer camera vs a pro model or could I hit anything better? After I had left on that trip there were some additional comments on CP5000 settings for using low contrast; I guess that would help, but the fish itself doesn’t have that much contrast so may end up “dull” as a consequence? 2) The weird green shadow. Shadows from the flash have a peculiar green hue that I haven't noticed in other pics (see guineafowl and yellow snapper for eg). Shooting w/o a backdrop would eliminate this, but I like backgrounds. What gives? Different strobe position? Dual strobes?

All were shot with an Ike-housed CP5000, some with available light, most with a DS125. Macro was shot in Aper priority, at 1/4 or 1/8, others mostly in spot metered Aper priority. Most have been color balanced and several reframed and deboogered in Photoshop. Thanks to all here for ongoing help advice and for keeping this place interesting, friendly, and high signal-to-noise.



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Posted 12 September 2002 - 09:22 AM

I too shoot a cp5000 but in a Aquatica housing.

I think you are correct and should try the settings that have been listed on this site. They will help with some of the over exposure.

Also the greenish looking colours, I believe are due to no strobe lighting. I am guessing.

Also, strobe positioning may help in some of the other shots where you get hot areas. There also is a subject on this recently on this site.

Lastly I would try to consider your composition more to get more striking photos more consistently and get closer to try to fill the frame. Certainly some subjects make this hard to accomplish.

Love those Nudis they make cool subjects as they are always interesting.

ps these are just my humble opinions and are only meant to possibly help. I too try to work at the above comments when I shoot.

good luck!
Todd Mintz
all photographs posted © Todd C Mintz