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FOR SALE 16mm GSMO & Cousteau Underwater housings

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Posted 21 April 2005 - 09:11 AM

FOR SALE :GSMO camera and Cousteau Underwater housings
The BUY IT Now Price is $ 6,000.00.
The auction ends April 23, 2005 at 11:56 p.m. Pacific time

This is a one time only sale for two underwater 16mm motion picture camera packages FOR ONE PRICE. This a great setup for someone interested in a career in wildlife cinematography, independent filmmaking or a way to broaden the shooting scope of a production company. These are two rare camera systems, only 5 of the GSMO systems were made and the Cousteau is a one off custom housing designed by a Cousteau cameraman when he ventured out on his own. Trying to find any housing comparable today will cost you around $25,000.00 to buy or $600.00 a day in rental cost.
Here you get two, a primary camera with Reflex viewing and a second B camera for a back up or second angle. If you have waited for a great piece to help your career then here they are. It took me 2 years and hundreds of hours to find these cameras. When I first started a wind up Bolex was the best out there, with only 3 minutes worth of shooting time interrupted by stopping and winding my camera hopping the animal would wait around.
Here you get uninterrupted shooting and capabilities to shoot higher frame rates. If you’ve seen NATURE on PBS or “The Blue Planet” on the Discovery Channel, then you’ve seen what these cameras can produce in stunning underwater footage.
If you have any questions or need more detailed high-resolution pictures feel free to e-mail me and I’ll get those e-mailed out to you. I’m looking for a good home for these cameras to better someone’s career in filmmaking.
These camera’s have never been rented. They are well maintained.

Camera & Housing package # 1
CP GSMO 16mm sound sync camera
EXPENSIVE Rare CP orientable reflex viewfinder
Also a standard reflex viewfinder
2- 400' 16mm film magazines & covers.
2- on board batteries (not working) & battery charger
I can get you new battery cells for $ 60.00
Super Speed 25mm Ultra T prime lens with 85 filter
Angenieux 5.9mm
5.9mm Lens Shade
17.5 – 70mm T 2.5mm Zoom Lens with 85 Filter
Retro Zoom 12.5 – 50mm F 2.5 with 85 Filter
CP to Nikon adaptor: This allows you to use NIKON 35mm still lenses on your camera. This is great when shooting wildlife footage in conjunction with your still camera.
CP to Arriflex adaptor
Cinema Products shoulder padded mount with start/stop trigger.
Harrison Film Changing Tent (http://www.cameraess...s.com/tents.asp)
TENBA Expedition Backpack for all camera gear.
Cinema Products GSMO Original Manual
SPECTRA Studio Deluxe Light meter with slides & attachments plus 2 cases for meter.
SEKONIC Studio Deluxe Light meter with slides & attachments plus 2 cases for meter.

Camera & Housing package # 2
Cousteau Underwater Camera

The camera is actually two parts. The body, which holds the “guts,” motor, lens, reels etc., and the aluminum tube which holds both handles, the trigger, distance/F-stop wheels and the window for the footage counter.

Movement Bell & Howell 70 series with a variable motor – 6 to 64 f.p.s.
Power: 18 volt rechargeable NiCad’s
Load Capacity: 400 foot split reels, or 200-foot daylight reels
Lens: Kern Paillard 10mm T1.6 “fixed”
Size: 26” long X 8” diameter tube
Weight: About 50 pounds – slightly negative underwater

Dome Port
Large O-ring
400 foot split reels
Variable battery charger
Banana clips power cable for battery charger
Light meter bracket
Mountable light bracket
Shipping Case