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#1 sharky1961


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Posted 16 August 2005 - 06:30 AM


I am going to Guadelupe in October ;) and want to do some topside shooting of the sharks as well, I have a nikon F100 and nikon 17-35mm and a nikon 70-200 afs vr, Lawrence from greatwhiteadventure adviced me to use a polfilter because of the waterreflections.
My question is do I have to make some exposurecompensation say +1 or so because of shooting into the darkwater, no compensation or a -1 compensation?
Wil the polfilter influence the amount of light getting to my film wich the camera willnot register on the display (say without the polfilter exposure is f8 and 1/500 seconds, with polfilter display says f8 and 1/500 second but it is actually f8 and say 1/250 sec) as it does with converters?
Should I use the VR on aktive or just on, shooting from the Boot?

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#2 Paul Kay

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Posted 18 August 2005 - 10:03 AM

The polafilter should be a "circular polariser" to work on the F100 properly. The camera will adjust and should produce as correct exposures as it does normally without you applying compensation (other than that which you would apply for a non-standard subject normally). If you are not sure about what compensation to apply try bracketing or leave well alone.

VR usually helps from a boat but don't expect it to be perfect. I used a 70~200 VR lens for a time and found that it improved sharpness some, but not all, of the time!

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#3 Steve Jones

Steve Jones

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Posted 19 August 2005 - 01:32 AM

Should I use the VR on aktive or just on, shooting from the Boot?


If you mean which VR mode to use, I think you are better off using the mode that activates as soon as you partially press the shutter button, rather than the one that activates only when you fully press the shutter. It uses more battery power but you will see the effects of the VR process in the viewfinder and can compose accordingly(VR can change your framing slightly when active, since it uses tilting lens elements). Also, VR does work better when the tilting elements in the lens have had a chance to stabilize - and therefore mode 1 offers it more time to adjust to any vibrations.

Hope this helps

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