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In Topic: speaking of sweet rides ....

12 August 2006 - 04:58 PM

Another Harley Deuce man here. I've been riding for more than 30 years. started in the dirt. Did a little racing on and of road. Mostly metric street bikes (non crusers), Now the wife and I both have harleys. Currently have an 03 Deuce, and and an 03 883 sportster for the wife. Here's mine:

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In Topic: Ikelite Support for Sigma 10-20mm lens?

25 May 2006 - 05:59 PM

I just noticed this also, and was wondering the same thing. I have both the 6" and 8" dome that "was" recommended for the Sigma 10-20. So what is the reason for pulling the support? Are there inherent problems with this lens housing combo? I have only used the 6" 10-20 combo a couple of times and the 8" 10-20 about 5 times while on a recent trip to Palau. It is a real pain to assemble this lens/camera/port assembly, but once it's together, it seems to work OK. Perhaps Ike got too many complaints about how difficult it was to put together. If that's the problem, I'll live with it. If it's something else, I would really like to know.

In Topic: nikon d50 or d70

10 May 2006 - 04:28 PM

Not much difference in price between D70 and D50. Much bigger jump to the D200, not just in the bodies but also in housings. The Ike housing is the same for the D70 and D50, so the only difference is about a $100 in the price of the body. The D200 is about a grand more than the D-70 body and the Ike housing is close to $200 more. All three Ike housings are the same size, offer ITTL and very close in features. If cost was the biggest factor I'd go for the D70 as it's only slightly more than the D50, but a much better camera. If money is an issue but not the only factor, do the D200, you'll go a lot longer before you get the upgrade urge, which will save you in the long run.

In Topic: My D70 is BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!...

23 April 2006 - 07:48 PM

I had the same thing happen to my F-100. What housing are you using? The reason I ask is that I always wondered it the Aquatica housing rear knob didn't put a little too much pressure on it causing it to fail. I sent it into Nikon and had it repaired. They replaced the whole dial and switch mechanism, and serviced the camera. Don’t recall the price, but I remember I was able to track online. I do remember it took several weeks. I never had a problem with it after that. Still working good. If you need someone to ship to, you can always ship to me on Guam, than I can forward to you. Not that everyone ships to Guam, we do have better access. The offer is legit, Tim Rock or Chris Bangs will vouch for me, if you trust them that is. :rolleyes:


17 April 2006 - 03:52 PM

After my first trip to Palau, I made a bridle for my BC. Two small clips and a short length of parachute cord, doubled for strength. Clips from D-ring to D-ring across the chest. Two knots help center the clip of the reef hook but still allows the clip to slide, if needed, to turn sideways. I spent several hours this last weekend digging in my closets looking for it, as I’m headed to Palau in two weeks. I finally found it in my old BC that was replaced last year. I also found a lost Do-Rag and pair of gloves. Woo-Hoo I’m set to go.

If you ask me...this one looks like one of those golf "swing trainers".  :lol:  I'm not sure I'd be that comfortable if this puppy started to dangle from its stowage.. :D


I can see your "point" :lol:
I don't actually dive with it hanging like that I just wanted to show how it is used. I do hook the bridel across on dives that may need the hook, but the hook is kept stowed in my left brest pocket untill needed.

I just got back from Palau and used this setup on only two of ten dives, the rest of the time it stayed stowed.