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Strobe Technique Tips...

06 May 2015 - 04:06 AM

Hi all,

I'm getting ready for an awesome trip and am going over my gear and pouring over thousands of images over the past decade of working on my photography and I seem to have one issue that haunts me.  Strobe wash-out.   There are tons of photos that I feel look good u/w, only to download and discover that I continuously get washed out photos when in TTL mode.  (yes, I've tried several different cords in case of cord failure, but TTL works)


I read the forums, I talk with folks, I scour the internet and of course practice incessantly.  It seems that in TTL mode, I'm always getting the same result. (in manual I don't, but if something is happening quickly, do you have time to go adjusting strobes?)


ok, so you probably want to know what I'm shooting with these days.. Nikon D700 with assorted lenses in a Seacam housing, with two seaflash strobes on some ULCS arms.  


I thought before my trip, perhaps picking the collective brains of theWwetpixel community might be a good source of ideas and encouragement.