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shooting video with Nikon D810

21 July 2015 - 08:28 PM

Aloha everyone, In two weeks I will head to Tonga to spend some quality time swimming with humpbacks.  I will be leading a group of photographers but since my camera will shoot video, I want to I've it a try. I have a Nikon D810 in a nexus housing and will be using a 16 mm fish eye lens.  I have been thinking about setting the camera in manual and using fast shutter speed and F-8 with a floating ISO.  Do any of you have experience shooting video with this camera. Any and all insight is appreciated.







Douglas Hoffman

Permitted 10 day Sperm Whale photo trip in Dominica Dec 3-12th. Space is open.

19 April 2015 - 07:35 PM

I have put together a small group of whale enthusiasts that have experienced Humpbacks in Tonga, and wanted to be in the water with Sperm Whales.  Due to a sudden cancelation there is an opportunity to join the charter.  


The boat is reserved for 10 days, Dec 3-12th, 2015.    I have been at sea before with this captain and whale swim guide and am very happy with their skills, dedication, and track record.  There will be a maximum of 4-5 people on the boat as this charter. The accommodations will be first class and include 11 nights ocean view accommodations at the Ft. Young Hotel.  Cost is $8,500  Includes Fisheries Dept permit and fees, permitted whale swim guide, boat, captain, & accommodations.


Does not include flights, transfers, meals, gratuities.  This is not a cheap trip.  I tried that last time and the hotel was ok, but nothing special.  This time the accommodations and overall experience will be much much better.  





One space open 11 day whale swim/photography trip in Tonga Aug 10-22, 2015

10 April 2015 - 01:11 PM

This is an exclusive adventure limited to four people.  Right now there is one space open.   This will be my tenth season organizing photo tours to Tonga, and over the years I've have learned a lot about whale behavior and photography. This charter has the right boat, takes place at the peak of the season, and will be epic.  


We will be looking for whales that are displaying particular behavior that we know based on past experience may lead to an extended mutual interaction.  When this happens we are accepted into the pod and float along with the whales for hours at a time.   I will help participants with camera concerns, techniques, settings,  in water positioning, and offer daily review and critique sessions.


The adventure includes 11 full days of whale swimming with lunch on the boat, 12 nights accommodation with breakfast and internet. Flights, layover expenses, & dinners are not included. Click here for more details

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Decisions, Questions, Decisions......

13 January 2015 - 11:35 PM

For years my trusty Nikon D300 in a nexus housing has served me well.  It works great but I recently upgraded to a Nikon D810 and am planning on getting another Nexus housing. That was the easy decision.  I've gone from DX to FX and from 12 megapixel to 36.  But, the transition means my trusty Tokina 10-17 with its dedicated port won't fit the new housing. So, since I will have to get a new port I am thinking of which lens.   I have a 14-24 that I use for landscape photography and love it.  But I don't want to to take it underwater.  I have a 16 mm fish eye which is an old lens but a good one. I have also considered the 16-35, the older 17-35, nikon 20mm, & Sigma 15 mm fisheye.   I just learned Tokina makes a 16-28 2.8 FX.   Does anyone use this lens and if so is it as good as the Tokina 10-17 DX.   Since most of my underwater work these days is with whales, this lens could work well.   Would love to hear about experiences with this lens....   Aloha!

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