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In Topic: Shark bite on Shear Water, Bahamas

29 February 2008 - 02:23 PM

Zippsy, John Bantin's point is that IF there weren't any shark dives in the Bahamas , the sharks would've been hooked long ago. The Bahamian government could be called stupid for doing so but in this very imperfect world, money talks. And in this instance, the survival of the sharks is tied to human activity. As much as I dislike dives of this sort, I have to defer to the practical nature of the business.

Wise conclusion, Drew! I would absolutely second that and personally vouch PRO SHARK FEEDING for exactly that reason. In a perfect world we would not penetrate the ocean at all and leave the sea alone. But divers or avid shark tourists are the lesser evil and might unfortunately be the last chance that these animals have. Sharks time is almost up.

In Austria and Germany some media reports were supportive on baiting sharks but abolished shark feeding. The difference between baiting or feeding them does not matter very much to me. I think, as a diver during a feed you have to be more careful and watch out for the bait occasionally floating around. But this can also happen with enough chum and current. Furthermore with any shark that is large enough to carry away a bait crate or even crack it. Bottom line is that all shark divers need to constantly monitor current and all bait sources, no matter if these are secured or not. Speculating about the increased likelihood to get bitten during a shark-feed versus a shark-bait event is splitting hairs, I think.

In Topic: Shark bite on Shear Water, Bahamas

25 February 2008 - 02:45 PM

After we instantly plugged a German translation very similar to the WETPIXEL post this morning, the Austrian Online Web Magazine nullzeit.at now also has a report on the case. It features - fasten your seatbelt - an interview with Dr. Erich Ritter, who is still very popular here in Germany. The highlight of that interview is that Dr. Ritter claims to have seen all this coming.

Dr. Erich Ritter im Gespraech mit nullzeit.at meinte, war der Unfall insgesamt auch vorherzusehen. "Bereits im Jaenner habe ich vor einem demnaechst drohenden Unfall bei dieser Art des Haitauchens gewarnt, doch es wollte niemand auf mich hoeren", erklaert der renommierte Haiforscher gegenueber nulzeit.at.

Nullzeit.at also reports that Dr. Ritter was approached by officials to investigate the case. I think Jim Abernethy will be very happy to hear about that. Just as I am,... As today Dr. Ritter started a lawsuit with DIGIDEEP.com accusing us to demote his academic title in public.

For those who do not understand German, please use these links,
to translate the German reports @ nullzeit.at and DIGIDEEP.com.

Here is also a link to the German Echoes in our Forum, which is very
similar to the responses seen with WETPIXEL users, here. No Surprise...

In Topic: Shark bite on Shear Water, Bahamas

25 February 2008 - 12:46 PM

Thank you Andy for clarifying where the bite was etc. I think you'll be getting a few media calls in a while. Good luck with that.

Hi Drew, I just learned from Jim's page that it was very likely to be an Austrian citizen. It
was confirmed several minutes ago, before I came back here. In fact I am very concerned
about the media plug that will occur.

Last time I volunteered to give some footage to one of the German news stations after
a non-fatal shark accident occurred. I was hoping to get a good chance to speak for the
sharks as an endangered species. Unfortunately they edited the interview and kept only
some buzz in there. I was very disappointed and expressed my feelings about it online.

This accident has exploited a very vulnerable part available to media with lesser intention
on all the pictures and videos shark enthusiasts have on their hard drive. I am afraid that
the previous hymn on human+shark friendship may now be abused.

In Topic: Shark bite on Shear Water, Bahamas

25 February 2008 - 11:04 AM

According to this news story, the man has died. Very sad.

Scheisse :) - It's German but says it all in one word.

In Topic: Antibes 2007...

31 October 2007 - 02:18 AM

I am curious to hear how the Marineland venue was? Was the consensus that it will be a one off location?
Was it a circus/jail or does it actually do good conservation and education work?

Hi Alex,

I actually did a write-up on my mixed feelings about the captivated Orcas:

Amazing Animals, though.