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In Topic: BTS Contest results

14 April 2006 - 12:30 PM

Okay folks, shall I serve my ass on a plate?  I have had some private correspondance and additional foresight into the matter of the boxer crab picture.  This is not my feedback but I respect that of the garibaldi who messaged me this.  So here goes:

While writing my material for an article article that goes out to dozens of UW
Photo Societies and scuba clubs for their newsletters, I was searching the
web for info on Boxer Crabs. I came across the Boxer crab discussion and saw the pics from John Gordon.  Since I'm not on that forum, I
was wondering if anyone there offerred the fact that everyone on the boat
knew the crabs were moved?  There was even a discussion on the boat about
that shot not being eligible for contests...was that mentioned?


With all due respect Joe, your source is full of it. I was there.

There were only three of us on the boat that day besides the guides, so it's not like there were conversations that I was not privvy to, and there was no conversation at all about the possibility of the crabs being moved. The possiblity of that happening never even occurred to us.

What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth.  ~Jewish Proverb

In Topic: BTS Contest results

10 March 2006 - 04:59 PM

At considerable risk to my reputation (just by posting over here :blink: ), I'll perjure myself, and come to John's defence. I was John's dive buddy (as was Fisheyedave) on the dive in question, and the only reason I don't have the same shot is that I was set up for wide angle. (In fact, I do have the shot, but the crabs are too small to see.)

Although I saw no manipulation of wildlife by the guides, I can testify that John did not move them or place them in any way.

Wow, I bet this doubled my post count here!