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Palau GH5

27 February 2018 - 10:53 AM


My first time in the ocean with this cam., so I'd really appreciate any constructive criticism.


Shot mainly in 4K 50p, very little colour grading due to MWB, but exposure adjusted on quite a few of the shots.


Pana PZ 14-42 lens.




GH 5 Housings

26 September 2017 - 02:31 PM


I'm trying to choose a housing for my new GH5.


I'm really keen on staying with the Pana 14-42 PZ lens, which means that the best choice seems to be down to Subal, Nauticam or, possibly, Aquatica. I was getting ready to go for the Nauticam, but the Aquatica is a lot cheaper - it's just that I'm still not sure if they can house the 14-42 PZ, whereas both Subal and Nauticam do.


Does anyone have any particular recommendations or suggestions? Any aluminium housing manufacturer I've missed? Easy Dive have already told me they don't accommodate this lens.


I've been using a GH2 in a 10-Bar housing for the last few years, so I'm assuming any of these housings will be an improvement in terms of ergonomics, at the expense of well...., more expense!