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In Topic: Are people leaving micro four thirds?

29 April 2016 - 11:52 AM

i still have the omd5 in a nauticam housing, but think about going back to aps-c.
Could be a sony 6300, for weight and size, or the nikon d500, for that i have all the lenses i need.
A7mkII is nice, but the housings are too heavy...
The reason is only the low light theme....


I thought the Sony 6300 was roughly the same size as the A7 with the main difference being full frame vs aps-c ?

In Topic: Preferred focal length or field of view

25 April 2016 - 07:50 AM

If you don't want to do macro the for me always is better because you can be closer of the subject than with a semi wideangle. I use the Canon 17-40 and it is perfect.


 Good point.  Getting closer will give clearer footage.  Only problem it is not always possible to get close to marine animal life.   I think macro, medium and W/A, all have their place.       For me, medium angle is the easiest and most useful for video.  My opinion could very well be the minority.  

In Topic: Red filters for GH4

20 April 2016 - 01:07 PM

I wrote to Alex and he replied that he is not sure none of his rear lens filters would fit in the  Pana 7-14mm. Let's see if someone comes up with a solution...


Ups!. Well. That is the theory. And that was the main reason I never considered buying anything to shoot in 4K at all at first, but after reading a lots o reviews articles it seemed that 4k postpo and grading and downscaling from to HD actually gives better results than shooting and post-producing directly in HD.
The argument basically is based on the fact that the 4k compression algorithm is much more effective than the HD one.... but I don't remember well the details, I ended up dizzy from so much research.  
 If I tell you the truth I haven't had the chance to test it myself... but I will!





That's not true the H264 codec as well as any intra codecs are not optimised for 4K and perform worse than what they do for 1080p

The downscaling theory is based on the resolution available and the theory that downscaling a 4:2:0 color space becomes 4:4:4

The first is true only for cameras without full sensor readout and the second is just not true


I don't really care so much about the technical reasons of how and why, just want to know if my goal is to have the best possible edited footage in HD,  is it better to record in camera 4k or HD ?  Not sure if it matters, but I am talking about a Sony A7s ii, which excels in low light and low noise.