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Nexus Housing for Canon 400D XTi

17 February 2008 - 02:45 PM

Does anybody have the Nexus housing for the Canon 400D XTi? If so, do you like it? Is it TTL compatible with Inon strobes? Either the Z240 or D200. I'm looking for a setup for my Canon 400D plus Tokina 10-17mm and Canon EF-S 60mm. If you have any experience with the Nexus housing, please let me know.

Thanks! :D

Ikelite DS-51 vs. Inon Z-240

13 February 2008 - 12:13 PM

I swear that I've scoured the Internet and haven't found this specific topic approached directly. But if it has, you guys are all welcome to kick silt in my face (or just not answer this post because that would be more of a dis). The DS-125 has been compared to the Z-220/ Z-240; the DS-51 has been compared to the D-2000, but so far, I haven't read any specific comparison between the DS-51s and Z-240. I know it's primarily because one model costs twice as much as the other, which just goes to show how irrational my thought process is. I want to outfit my Canon 400D, Tokina 10-17mm and Canon EF-S 60mm. Primarily because of cost, I'm pretty much decided on the Ikelite housing and lens ports. Judging from what I like to shoot on land, I expect to be shooting wide more often than macro.

Originally, I was very attracted to the idea of getting two DS-51s but a lot of people have discouraged me, saying that the light beams are too focused and bright. Another down-side to the DS-51 is that there is no focus light. But I really like the size, weight, price, and I've heard such great things about Ikelite's customer service. I also read in the article by Jeff Farris that his first set was a pair of DS-50s and he thought that it was a great set for beginners. Which makes me stressed in advance, for thinking about the next time I will be shelling out for a new set of strobes, and I haven’t even bought my first set!

A lot of people have recommended the DS-125 but I would like to add here that I am against the idea, due to size, weight, and proprietary battery.

Many other people have recommended the Inon Z-240s, especially because I plan to shoot wide. The first downside is obviously cost, the second is some of the bad things I’ve heard about their customer service, and the third is lack of TTL. I've read the forum topics here and around, but since I've only shot with point and shoots w/o strobes underwater, it's hard for me to really assess the importance of TTL without having done it. I suppose if I buy the Z-240s now, I won’t ever have to worry about it for having deprived myself of the capability… The upside is the wide angle beam, the focus light, and the probability that I won’t need to upgrade, even after I upgrade my camera (which is probable). But is it really worth the extra $700, and the sacrifice of TTL to get the Inons?

If anybody can throw in any opinions, additional information, or pieces I may have not have considered, please do! It would so be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Yet another newbie with lots of questions.