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Arms, Sync Cords and TTL circuitry for sale

15 December 2010 - 12:02 PM

I am selling off some extra items I no longer have use for.

Ultra Light Control Systems
2x AD-SS for connection to Sea & Sea strobes 10.00 each
1x DB-B12 12 Double Ball buoyancy arm 20.00each

Sea & Sea
2x TTL Nikonis sync cord 20.00 each

1x Replacement Bulkhead N2 for Olympus PT-030 100.00each

Free shipping on anything using Fed Ex Ground or I can ships USPS for an extra fee.

I also have a 80cubic foot aluminum cylinder I am looking to get rid of if any one is interested send me a PM

FS: ULCS arms clamps tray, TTL sync cords and Heirichs-Weikamp converters

21 August 2010 - 07:18 AM

I have some Ultralight Control Systems, Sea and Sea and Heinrichs-Weikamp parts for sale items listed individually bellow. Photographs are available of the items upon request.

DB-B08 - 8 buoyancy arms x2 $36.25each
DB-B12 - 12 buoyancy arm x1 $36.90each
AC-CS - Normal arm clamp x1 $19.75each
AC-CSF - Arm clamp with 15 degree swivel x4 $19.75each
AD-SS - Sea and Sea strobe adapter x2 $15.15each
TR-D - Digital camera tray x1 $26.35each
TR-DUP - Tray adapter for mutable handles or strobes x1 $21.10each
AC-H - Handle for tray x1 $32.95each
AC-HQD - quick disconnect handle for tray x1 $39.55each

I have taken 33% off normal price as dictated by reefphoto.com as the items are used but in like new condition. If you are interested in all the ULCS I will do a bulk sale at $300.00

Sea and Sea

Nikonis style 5pin sync cord x2 $50.00each

N5 Bulkhead & TTL converter for olympus housings x1 $150.00 each

All items will be shipped free of charge using Fed Ex ground other wise shipping will be payed at buyers expense. Any Questions feel free to PM or e-mail

Olympus SP-350 underwater housing and strobe setup

12 August 2010 - 10:04 AM

his setup is ideal for some one interested in getting into not only basic underwater photography but advanced shooting as well.

The Olympus SP-350 camera is an 8 mega pixel camera capable of both full auto and manual control. With the unique features of a hot shoe adapter for external strobes and flashes and the ability to record images in both jpeg and RAW this camera is at the top end of point and shoot models. For underwater use this camera features 3 full auto underwater modes as well as full manual control over focus, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance for quick underwater changes. Also included in this auction is a second camera the SP-310 model which is identical to the SP-350 with the exception that it is 7 mega pixel and does not have the hot shoe. Both cameras fit the PT-030 housing that is included in the auction making the SP-350 the primary and the SP-310 a backup.

The PT-030 housing is a polycarbonate housing made by olympus for the SP-350 and SP-310 model cameras. This housing has been equipped with the Heinrichs Weikamp TTL circuitry converter so that the camera can speak to the strobe through the 5 pin nikonis sync cord. This allows the camera to have complete control over the strobe rather then relying on the cameras flash to fire the strobe.

Also included in this auction is a Sea & Sea YS-30 stobe with sync cord. This strobe has TTL Duo circuitry and can be used as a primary in its current configuration with the camera or as a back up to another Duo circuitry strobe. The camera system also features Ultralight arms and tray, three xD cards two 1 gig cards and a single 2 gig card and a rechargeable battery. The Cameras are both able to take 2 AA but the rechargeable battery pack allows for more sustained battery life. Finally the original camera manuals and PC software for editing and viewing the images are included on two cd-roms.

If you have any questions please fee free to e-mail me
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I can supply more pictures upon request.

I am asking $750.00 for this set up

Olympus, Inon, Sea and Sea equipment for sale

20 June 2010 - 07:16 AM

Olympus SP-350 camera and SP-310 camera (as back up) with Olympus PT-030 housing with Heinrichs-Weikamp TTL conversion circuitry and Inon bayonet mounting adapter------ $600
Inon Wide angle lens UW-105 ---- $200
Sea and Sea YS-90DX strobe ----- $200
Sea and Sea YS-30 strobe ---- $150
Sea and Sea 5 pin nikonis sync cord) --- $50

All items are in good condition and perfect working order, none of these items have ever been flooded. If interested in pictures or purchase please private message me.