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#340947 Nauticam Super Macro Converter

Posted by Bob_W on 21 December 2013 - 03:54 AM

OK Taken the plunge and purchased the SMC, although i am told its not shipping yet. Thanks all for the input. Once i receive this and get to use it will post some results.




Maybe a bit of good news. They are shipping. I picked mine up from Reef Photo on Dec 19th. Unfortunately, all I can do is hold it and look at it, as I've sold my rig and am waiting for the new EM1 housing to come in. But it does look nice. :)


Bob W

#325729 giving my first ever photo presentation...need sage advice...

Posted by Bob_W on 06 February 2013 - 03:45 AM

Hi folks,

Am giving my first ever photo presentation to a captive audience of victims...er....photo camera boys n girls....

Just wondering what do folks like to use as preferred software...and typically what resolution on images is sufficient for photo prep?

Am looking at microsoft power point as a potential candidate...but am finding it alot of work just to get an image on a slide (cause I dont think I'm doing it right)..and I think Im gonna wind up with a big file???

Any thoughts or advice deeply appreciated as always..

Thank u


Powerpoint is a good choice for your presentation. We us it for our monthly photo contests. A resolution of 1024 to 1400 on the long side gives good results. Don't forget to consider your projector's resolution capabilities. Getting the images into Powerpoint is relatively painless. Select Insert > Photo Album and direct it to the folder that contains you images. Select the desired images, either Ctrl+A for all, or Ctrl+left click for each. Click Insert. Make sure Fit to Slide is selected, then click Create.In the newly created deck I would set the background of all slides to black. I find the white borders around the images detracting. Add any text you'd like, maybe slide transitions, and you should be good to go. The file size will be dependent on the number of slides and the resolution of the images. Roughly, a 1024x768 @ 96 dpi is about 700kb. So your deck will be 10 - 15 slides per MB.

Bob W