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In Topic: Your Favourite Photo of 2008

24 December 2008 - 08:11 AM

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Here's my favorite photo from 2008. I guess you could call it an over-under, but not the kind you plan.

This was my first trip with with my brandy new Nikon D200 rig. I had been shooting with it for about a week and a half in Bonaire, happily swapping between the 60mm / flat port setup and the Tokina 10-17 / Dome port set-up. The morning that this photo was taken, I had been set-up with the 60mm, but it was such a bright sunny day, that I decided to swap the the wide angle set-up to try to catch some sunballs. So I'm down at about 40 feet taking the first few pictures of the dive. You may notice a strange arced line across the bottom of the picture. I SURE DID ! So without panicking, (OK, I panicked a little.), I pointed the housing Dome-down. There was about 1/4 of an inch of water in the bottom of the dome ! I signaled my buddy and slowly ascended. By the time I surfaced, there was about an inch of water in the bottom of dome ! Luckily we were not too far from the boat. So I hand the camera to the boat captain, telling him to keep the dome down. I get on board, towel off, and open up the housing.

The camera, lens, and even the flood alarm in the housing were completely dry! All the water was in the dome!
Even though the whole rig is insured against loss, flood, and operator stupidity, I was extremely relieved not to have to make a claim.

I never did find anything obvious on the o-rings or o-ring seats. I have to assume the leak was between the port and the extension ring. I had no leaks for the rest of the trip.
Anyway, If I hadn't noticed the arc at the bottom of the picture, I'd have never saved the rig from a complete flood.