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camcorder for stills

03 February 2012 - 08:45 PM

Clearest water we have seen in a while.
Three of us are diving from a 39' bareboat. Quite a chore to read the divingguide, brief the buddys , find the bouy, get the gear on, jumpin, and then get some camera time. Fun sunlight from above.
Ok to critque.
Posted Image

Still capture from HD video, i think i white balanced deeper then this, and then we are shallow here, thus its getting too red.
Posted Image

Still taken from HD video. Manual white balance seem to be in full effect now.

Posted Image

Knobby Star Coral ? Flash didnt fire but video lights having some effect in this daylight , but also almost too red since the manual white balance didnt account for that.
Posted Image

Flash fired, Defintely having some effect. Fun perpective and near and far.

Posted Image

This is using a cx700v in a Top Dawg housing with a flat port. Two prov8 lights and s2000 flash. First trip with having access to the One Touch White Balance button.