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In Topic: FS: Nikon D80 + Ikelite Housing

09 January 2012 - 07:11 PM

Hi have you got any pics of the setup and are you interested in sending to Australia?
Cheers Mick

Are you interested in the entire setup ?

I have just listed yesterday my D80 on eBay and submitted the Ikelite housing a few minutes ago. ( I think I can remove from the listing without issues if you are interested )



The picture on the D80 with the menu / time was taken yesterday, the one on the ikelite was taken about 30min ago. I can send you the full size pictures via email if you wish.

Not sure about the cost to ship to Australia for this. I doubt this will be $50 :-/
The boxes would be about 6kg, I can probably save by packaging together and putting the camera inside the housing, etc... a "rough" fedex pricing gives me $280 though. I can probably get a more accurate quote by going to the fedex office next block with the parcel but would need your address. I'm PMing you for details.