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Tokina 10-17 for Nikon

04 June 2011 - 01:05 PM

It is obvious that the Tokina 10-17 is the current favorite for UW wide-angle; almost every website says that it is the first lens to buy.

However, this forces a "Nikon Person" (someone who already has a lot of Nikon gear) to buy a higher-end Nikon body to get autofocus with this lens.

Am I correct?

I would prefer to get a D3100 or D5100 but I am "forced" to get a D90 or D7000 to use this lens. (A used/refurbed D90 has an OK price but it is last generation and the D5100 is arguably better.)

I assume that Nikon has completely abandoned building motorized bodies at the lower price points.

So...any rumor Tokina will offer a Nikon-motorized version of this lens--they did this with the second version of the 12-24.

If not...is there a motorized alternative lens for Nikon that is similar?

This is all kind of crazy on Nikon's part...I am really considering a jump to Canon (T2i+Tokina 10-17)...I'm sure others are in the same boat.