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In Topic: Sad News in Egypt

13 June 2009 - 11:24 PM

Having just got back from a week in marsa shagra, would appear the dive guids are really worried about this situation.

According to the base leader this was not the only incident this week with a diver loosing fingers, and a dive guid being bitten on the shoulder requiring stitches and medical attention!!.

On the day we were coming away, they came back from elphinestone with more oceanic and hammerheads seen on the 6-9am dives with a oceanic taking the delayed on the surface for a new toy!! on the 9am dive.

Lets just hope we have no one else die, or the encounters we hope to dive for may not be an option on offer.

In Topic: Oly E-330 Setup

11 May 2009 - 11:59 AM

Yeah, my e330 is a little finicky on focus, I did find it worked best to have a focus light and to use center-only zone. I've read a lot of people like to use continuous autofocus but I just used single - might try a dive on continuous next trip, but suspect it'll burn the battery down a lot quicker. If I wanted to have my focused element offcenter I had to do a quick halfpress and then reframe before completing the press. Shutter release thru a housing does take a bit of getting used to as well, and if you're in gloves (I'm assuming so in UK?) then you'll take a while to get the feel of it.

Not sure what lens you're looking thru now (from prior posts, the 7-14?), but keep your eyes open for a 14-54. They seem to be hitting ebay frequently now that both the 12-60 and the 14-54 mk II are out. Shouldn't have to pay more than about US$300 for it; no sense in buying new unless you think you might upgrade cameras soonish as the 12-60 and MkII both have features more aimed toward the newer Oly focusing modes, micro-4/3rds, etc. that the e330 won't really benefit as much from.

Thanks for the reply, the 7-14mm lens fell through as was part of a kit.
Having a problem with the camera bits i order. People seem to hold onto the cash and not send the items, well u.k/ europe based companies.

Currently i have the following for the oly setup
14-54mm lens
50mm macro lens
1.4x tel converter
extension converter for macro

ports for the oly housing
ppo e02/ eo1 + tele extension.
and have on way a inon dome port which which want to try and use with the lenses i have?

Think the focusing would help if use the c-af instead of s-af so as long as finger on trigger moving the camera back and fourth will still focus?

In Topic: Oly E-330 Setup

10 May 2009 - 01:14 AM

The athena works just fine with the Z-240 strobes. The connections, however, are electrical and they do flood if you are not careful. The Athena mounts in the strobe hotshoe on top of the housing, making a focus light difficult to mount there but the Z-240 targeting lights seem to do just fine. The 14-54 lens is a fine compound lense. If you want to sell it, how much?

Gone with the hein TTL coinverter which seems fine, waiting on more bits to be delivered.

Sorry looks like lens has fallen through so no long have 14-54mm lens up for grabs.

Managed first dive with one strobe yesterday at stoney cove(uk), and found the camera blipped a bit on focusing. Any body else have this now we focus now we dont, could just be me and not got the balance right on the shutter release?

I removed the option for the camera to auto the focus spots so just using centre from now on.

Left the camera on TTL , thinking would be better to set to slave trigger and use inons on manual which would give me a higher shutter speed than 160/180?
Anybody use this?

In Topic: Oly E-330 Setup

27 April 2009 - 12:08 PM

Thanks guys, have gone with the Hein TTL converter.
Tried it to night and fired 1 inon strobe very well, just waiting for inon hand grip to be delivered b efore i check dual strobe set up.

Also i have managed to add a bit to the kit, got a 7-14mm lense on the way, so does anybody have a surgestion for a dome port, dont want to spend a 1000 on one?

Also hope to trade in a 14-54mm lense for 1.4x converter, so does anybody use this with the 14-54mm lens


In Topic: Oly E-330 Setup

18 April 2009 - 11:10 AM

still thinking about this, the flash on the e-330 wont raise much in the housing. Did look at think was rogers setup with a match stick job?
Just worried about the fixing the fibre optics to the housing?