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In Topic: Ikelite housing for A7 II/RII/SII is here

03 February 2016 - 12:24 PM

Sadness....given up on this for this year.  HOWEVER very happy Ike is housing the A7 series, as nothing else interests me for the future.  Might be the A7r3 by the time I actually jump, but it would take something pretty surprising out of left field to make me not go from my A-mount to Sony FE mount based on everything I know today.  (Not claiming it's the right answer for everyone, just the direction I want to go.)

In Topic: 3D Printed and Fiberoptic Ring Flash

13 January 2016 - 11:21 AM

Sorry I didn't see this sooner; I've been unfortunately out of the water quite a while (too many home improvement costs to dive in 2015).


I did come up with a 2nd generation that I took on my trip to Hawaii in 2014...there's a few pics taken with it on my Flickr account but none of the new printed parts themselves.  May get some up but it'll be a while and likely coincide with prep for this coming summer. 


Gave plenty of light for the 105mm macro with the DS51, but found my limitation was dive format (lots of drifts, lots of follow the leader so no time to dwell where I wanted), we were only doing 6 days of diving, and my own aging eyes using the Ike housing small standard viewfinder and rather old, these days, Sony a55 EVF and AF speed.  This was my first real trip shooting macro and while I intellectually understood DOF/macro from topside use I really didn't understand it at the level of doing it in surge etc. yet.


Do have a trip coming up again this year, and may take another stab at it with some further modifications or just use the 2nd gen parts again.  The 2nd version extended the pipes slightly further forward, were only about 200deg of 360deg perimeter, and didn't bother with a focus light pipe, I just moved my focus light a bit further up to clear over the top and shine directly at the subject. 


Worked great light-wise, the shot limitations were all technique on my part.  Decided I can't afford the droolworthy Sony A7rii upgrade before this trip, so I'll still be limping along with a circa-2011 camera with all its limitations, but may let myself spring for the Ike 45deg viewfinder at least so I can see what I'm doing a bit better.  This trip will be much more able to hang out where I want and really get the shot (Dominica again).  I have this inexplicable thing for those "where's Waldo?" banded arm shrimp and really want to nail some good shots of them.


Small dreams, but they're mine. ;-)


Will also be printing up a faceplate for the DS51 to lightpipe from it to the sensors on the z240's, so I get TTL mimicry thru the Ike housing with them for wide angle shot dives (Sigma 8-16mm) as well.  (The first-generation SLTs like the a55 had a problem in that they *always* give you a WYSIWYG view, so at for example ISO400, f/7, 1/160th sec the electronic viewfinder goes BLACK if there are only 'manual' strobe attachments.  All my wide-angle shots from 2012 onward were 'point and pray' since I couldn't see anything thru the VF.  Every Sony SLT and mirrorless model from the a65 forward has had the ability to turn this 'setting effect' on the EVF to off so you can always see.  Cost of early adoption....).  And printing up some larger knobs for the z240's themselves as others here in DIY already have.


Yes, I could ditch the z240s for a pair of Ike 160's or 161's but again, looking for minimal gear purchase this year.  Hopefully my frugality pays off in a really nice upgrade further down the line.



[EDIT - I see, reading up, I already went into boringly exhaustive detail about the SLT EVF flaw in my original post.  Old age memory, FTW!!]

In Topic: Ikelite housing for A7 II/RII/SII is here

06 January 2016 - 08:51 AM

Woop woop!!!


Now comes the struggle to see if I can afford this before my next trip.  The a7rii is I think the trigger to make me leave behind A-mount finally.

In Topic: Disabling/Bypass Ikelite TTL Controller on housing?

26 February 2015 - 08:56 AM

The only idea I'd have is if you were willing to use only one strobe...turn off the strobe on the Y adaptor cable that is providing the power to the TTL electronics (I think it's indicated with a band) and use only the other...then maybe the manual firing signal is still 'connected' although the TTL electronics themselves are off??   


At least it's something you can try quickly.