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In Topic: infestant lionfish?

16 June 2016 - 02:47 PM

In the Carribean the lionfish is invasive, has no natural predators, and is breeding basically out of control.  Many marine preserves, no matter how strict their no touch or no take policies are for other fishes, are permitting lionfish kills. 


Personally, I'm all for it.  And, it's tasty.  Looking forward to eating a bunch in Dominica soon.

In Topic: Dominica baggage restrictions?

10 June 2016 - 01:28 PM

Thanks for the reply. 


Did Titou in 2008 (with a housed camera, no less).  Remember it also being cool enough I'll want to take a wetsuit - both warmth and a little floatation - if we try that again.   My rig in 2008 was a lot less negative than the current one.


In 2012 we went up to the freshwater lake on a land photo day but it was totally socked in by fog, couldn't even see the  near shoreline from the little ranger/visitor hut.

In Topic: Housing for Sony a55 DSLR

09 June 2016 - 03:50 AM

Hi, I've got the Ikelite housing for the A55.  Last serviced 2014 and in good condition, very minor corrosion visible only where it doesn't matter (things like the 'inner' faces of the metal plates which form the latch hooks, visible thru the plastic).  It does have the 'newer' format 4-clips for the ports and the newer red-and-black handle/tray setup, and the top ball mount fitting.


Heading off for a dive vacation with it in a couple weeks.  I suspect this trip will be my last with the A55 as mine's getting kind of balky, doesn't always power on right immediately and occasionally gives errors, needs to be power cycled to clear. While I could probably get another body...I've got the itch for upgrades anyway. After this trip I'll ping you again if you're still looking.  Likely mid-to-late July timeframe.


If so I'd sell the housing with a non-modular dome that should be suitable for the kit 17-70mm lens (I have that lens as well if you don't), and the tray/handle set too.  I've got a couple other ports but as I might end up upgrading to another Ike housing (considering A7mk2 series for next camera) I will likely keep those until I decide.


One caution - the A55 was the first generation SLT (A33 and A55) and has a firmware peculiarity with manual flash sync, so be sure you plan to rig up with TTL connectivity in terms of strobes.  Do a search on my name - I whine about it all the time.  There's also recent images of the housing with some of my mods (nothing destructive, they all attach to the handle or to arms) in the DIY forum here.

In Topic: Dominica baggage restrictions?

08 June 2016 - 03:25 AM

Thanks for responding.  Yeah, wet gear syndrome.  That or a poorly calibrated scale.  


So you have one checked bag at 50?  A carry-on camera case and backpack with computer.  No clothes?


To clarify, the rule used to be 70 total for 2 checked, (50# max any one bag).  Carry-on was also supposed to be weight limited but they generally let the size be the indicator there so I'd stand casually with the lead-filled camera gear pack and pretend it was nothing.


Seaborne website doesn't appear to show that now; seems like it's up to the typical US 50# per bag, 2 checked max per person, but was hoping to find someone to confirm. 


Dominica gets like 3500 divers a year - surely at least one other one occasionally visits WP, I hope.  ;)  Wonder if that 3500 number I see around includes 'cruise ship' divers for whom this just isn't an issue.


I recognize I'm being irrational here.  I've found the official policy page of Seaborne that seems to say what I want it to say overall (2 bags max, 50# each) but I'd be more comfortable with a confirmation from a near-random person on the internet. :fool:


In Topic: Dominica baggage restrictions?

06 June 2016 - 02:41 AM

Necro-ing an old thread.  Heading back in 2 weeks.  Any updates?  I've crawled all over Seaborne's website (the ones now doing the AA codeshare from SJU Puerto Rico) and cannot find the 70 lbs restriction anymore.   I knew they had a runway extension project going even when we were there in 2012 - then again they had the hurricane last summer. So I honestly have no idea whether to hope the limit got increased.