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In Topic: Physically small intervalometer

07 April 2014 - 05:25 PM

Here's another small DIY unit (perhaps not as small as the one Bill linked), especially out of the case. I was lazy and emailed the designer for a prebuilt; he does have those periodically. And for out of the water these do a lot more than just intervals.  http://doc-diy.net/photo/smatrig21

In Topic: Mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

07 April 2014 - 03:57 AM

Great OP summarization, Glasseye.  Thanks.  This should be stickied IMO.

In Topic: At long last! Please read before posting in this forum

07 April 2014 - 03:46 AM

So...at the risk of being a contary opinion, I'm not a huge fan of the mirrored/mirrorless categorization.  I think it's too late for one thing - the micro43rds have been discussed for years in the SLR forum - and I also think that these days its a little bit of a meaningless designation.  Defining a camera class not by its features and housing aspects but based on something it doesn't have??


Both SLR's and many but not all mirrorless are "single lens" designs, whether they provide viewfinding only with the rear screen or with an EVF, the 'viewfinder covers the actual sensor view' behavior is preserved.  Many mirrorless also provide PDAF on lens (and the SLT's are another midway providing it but not the viewfinding with a reflection).  There's no longer any meaningful sensor size distinction either with mirrorless having anywhere from sub-4:3rds (Nikon's tiny ones) up to FF sensors.   For that matter there are now full frame digicams...and everyone has video.


The only major distinction these days seems to be between interchangable lens cameras, and not (oops, there's that designation-by-absence again) at least as it pertains to underwater shooting since one needs lens selection and port selection...and the other might only take wet external lenses or filters.  That, and intended usage/interest, so of course having a video vs. stills forum distinction still has a lot of meaning with lights vs. strobes, and processing and all.


Seems to me that the posting frequency here at WP in general has dropped off a lot in recent years, and fragmenting too much for too little distinct difference in behavior (without cleaning up much of the history) is just confusing and ultimately not beneficial.  Maybe DSLR guys didn't like all the mirrorless discussions in "their" forum (?)  but I think in a few more years with on-sensor PDAF development and faster chip readouts, the true classic "DSLR" design may go the way of the film SLR in becoming a small niche, while these hybrid designs take over.  Assuming cell phone cameras and POV video sets like GoPro don't just take over the whole imaging market first... heh.


Anyway I'm sure I'm in the minority on this one, but recent posting patterns despite the new forum option just made me chime in regardless.  Feel free to ignore me.  My wife does. ;)

In Topic: Sony A7S for 4K - what a disappointment

07 April 2014 - 03:02 AM

From a stills standpoint I have to admit this release is a bit of a headscratcher too.  The claimed dynamic range, low-light focus ability, and sensitivity is amazing...but only 12 mpix on a FF sensor seems a bit low to me from an enlargement point of view.  Guess I'll wait to see some more specs and pics.  So far the A7 isn't quite far enough in AF performance for me to give up the SLT pellicle yet (the A6000 seems like it might be but I really hate that body style's out-of-water ergonomics), and the A7R has even slower AF with no phase detect at all, and no first curtain electronic shutter to boot.  But from an as-housed standpoint the ergonomics and packability of these tiny beasts for their image quality is droolworthy...the housings look great.

In Topic: lens choice Sony A57

06 April 2014 - 05:49 PM

Not to nit pick but just like the A-77 this camera has a mirror and mirror box which makes it a DSLR and for sure not a mirrorless camera. Agree that you have a nice choice of both macro and wide/wide-zooms from both Sony and aftermarket.

Or, briefer:  "Not to nit pick, but, nit!"


Maybe ask WP for the moderator role and start moving posts around if it bugs you so much.  Meanwhile I'll try to help the OP, but of course I'm under no illusions there's any way I can do so as well as you (if you bothered) because I'm just a little guy not a brilliant industry insider, m'kay? 


Of course SLT's have a 'mirror' in the sense that the pellicle provides some of the light to a PDAF module.  They do not, however, mirror into any optical viewfinder. Said mirror does not move during the shot to clear the path to sensor - the sensor gets the light all the time...more like in a mirrorless camera or even a point and shoot for that matter.  Behaviorally it's a hybrid between a DSLR, for which one forum is named, and a fully mirrorless camera, for which the new forum is named, hence Sony's choice of something other than SLR in their branding.  Forgive me for trying to cut the OP a little slack.