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In Topic: Shark bite on Shear Water, Bahamas

27 February 2008 - 04:06 PM

We went on Jim Abernethy's Shearwater boat Jan. 2-9 2008 and loved it.
Jim and his crew Gray, Don, and Wade made us feel very comfortable, safe and full ( of food).
Jim gave a great photo workshop and saved me many headaches with his camera setting pointers.
The boat was better set up than we thought and between the other guests and the crew, this trip was unforgettable. And we have done the great whites twice and Fiji bull sharks once, all with Lawrence Groth at www.seesharks.com
After this very unfortunate accident with Markus Groh, our hearts sank thinking about what our friends on the boat went through and how they must feel. I have worked on boats and have had a diver die in my arms.We don't decide the end. It is emotionally tough. Of course we feel terrible for Markus, his family and his friends that were also on the boat. We have prayed for everyone involved. This accident has rocked the shark divers world. One in part due to the lies and grand standing by the media and shark diving competitors.
We hope that Markus' family and friends have the support they need during their difficult time. If he came all that way with his friends, I'm sure he was a good diver and I know he was in good hands with the Shearwater crew.

We do what we do because we love animals and nature. We work to promote saving and better understanding these animals. We know the risks.
If a miner dies in a mine collapse we don't criticize them and tell them they were wrong to go/work in the mine.
I don't see/hear anybody criticizing spear fishers , shark fishers, snorkelers or surfers when they get bit. Shark divers are the people who try to save sharks. This bad press,misinformation and grand standing regarding this unfortunate accident undermines the attempts to save these necessary creatures.

My best buddy is my wife Mary, who at 115 pounds makes me nervous when we are around some giants whether sharks, whales or strong currents, but she does what she loves, does it safely and lets God do what he does.

The same day we read about the accident we rebooked with Jim for next Jan. on the Shearwater. We are also waiting for our friends to fill up the rest of the boat. THAT, should tell you everything about how we feel about Jim,Gray, Don, Wade and the rest of the crew on at Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures.

Robert Lupo Dion and Mary O'Malley

In Topic: Another Lion Fish in the Turks & Caicos

17 July 2007 - 05:20 PM

In the last 2.5 years I have seen the common lionfish population on San Salvador Island, Bahamas go from 1 to hundreds. Yes...I said hundreds.
My co-workers and I have killed almost 100. I killed 7 on one dive. They seem to mate & spawn often and with tens of thousands of eggs. Some have been disected and the others we let fall over the wall. No other fish want to go near the dying or dead lionfish after we have caught them with a Hawaiian sling. We haven't found a lionfish predator yet. We have found the lionfish in as shallow as 4 feet and as deep as 135 feet. From baby ( almost totally translucent to 12 inches ).
NOAA says they may come from private and commercial aquariums as well as ship ballasts from the Panama canal. We will never catch up to the lionfish population explosion. Unfortunately this is an evasive species that is here to stay. Some divers are obviously happy to finally see a lionfish but they won't be so happy when the other fish have disappeared.
If anyone videos the lionfish mating please contact Reef.org More info may be obtaines from the Gerace Research station on San Salvador Island.