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Downgrading from Nikon D200

27 August 2007 - 06:34 AM

Probably don't see this alot. I bought the Nikon D200 last year with assorted lens and an Aquatica Housing, viewfinder, Ikelite D125 strobes. I was not a photographer before, and did not understand the photography process, so it has been a steep learning curve. I use the pictures a lot for my blogs, websites and sell some to guests in my business. They work well for that! I find the controls difficult underwater, I never really have the patience to "set up" a shot, and I find the system very bulky. I usually have my husband set up my housing etc for me, as I don't really have the patience for that and he loves it. So, in some ways, I just have to step into the water with it which is easy. I have the opportunity to use it quite a bit, if I like, living on a boat, but I have found myself going back and forth since the day I bought it whether I would have been happier with a point and shoot set up with strobes, something much smaller and lighter, that would still give me pretty good quality, without me needing control of everything. I have learnt how to shoot manual, but it is a struggle and I do a lot of post editing on lighting control etc. I know I will never be a professional photographer! I still prefer to use the focus on automatic and probably if I kept this system definitely get the new TTL cords that are coming out for it.
I had originally bought it as I had a Nikon Coolpix 4800 with a housing and it had no strobes and the lag time for taking pictures drove me crazy.
I have decided to look and see if there are other underwater camera systems that would maybe fit my needs better. Can anyone offer any opinions on a high end point and shoot for underwater that I may be happy with after the Nikon D200?
My other thought was that since I keep on going back and forth on whether to keep this or not, that if I was going to change, I should do it before it loses any resale value.