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Settings for UW use of Canon Vixia HFS30...

07 October 2011 - 08:36 AM

Just wondering if anyone here had experience and suggestions with the camcorder settings for the HFS30 for UW use. I have turned off "face tracking", since that seemed to be doomed to making bad decisions. Have the camera currently set at 17mbps, 24p (for better low-light performance). Have not turned off image stabilization--it's supposed to be quite good in the camera, although I know that is another "feature" that doesn't translate well to UW use.

I can certainly learn what does and doesn't work in Raja Ampat, but hints before the rig sees its first blue water would be welcome.


LMI Bluefin + Fathoms 90 + Canon HFS21...anyone have this combo?

17 May 2011 - 09:18 AM

While I had pretty much sworn off LMI, I've been without a video setup for my last two trips--have been waiting for something that would deliver acceptable video while still being small and light. I've been waiting (and waiting) for Gates to get Fathoms glass for their Vixia housings, but it hasn't happened and isn't clear it will. Apparently, LMI's Bluefin for this camera gives real one-touch white balance, and works pretty well.

Before I plunge off this cliff, it'd be great to hear from anyone here who has (or has even used) this setup. LMI gives the housing mass at 7 pounds, and the cameras weigh nothing. It looks like they sell a float/life-jacket for this, which suggests it may be fairly negative in the water.

Anyway, any feedback much appreciated.