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In Topic: Ikelite discontinues D500 200FL four lock housing

01 November 2017 - 05:56 AM

Just a quick add to this. I was just reading the release notes for the D850 housing and it says you can remove the drylock system and install the old locks. They say you can't switch back and forth but the option is there for someone with a large portion collection and no need for the wider opening of the dry lock system.

In Topic: Ikelite discontinues D500 200FL four lock housing

11 October 2017 - 08:17 PM

I just looked and they have discontinued the 5d four lock housing as well. When I saw the release of the new dry lock system I knew the days were numbered for the old system. I understand all of the benefits of the new system and if they did not go forward with it they would have lost out. Today’s lenses are getting big as we are demanding better quality glass and those just don’t fit the smaller diameter of the old system. The bummer for us Ikelite fans is now the need to replace our ports with the next housing purchase. For me that would still be far less expensive than buying an aluminum housing and the ports and zoom rings to go with it. But as I just set myself up with a 5d3 I won’t be purchasing another housing for some time.

In Topic: WTB: Ikelite 5D Mark III TTL circuit

14 June 2017 - 06:59 PM

I just bought the housing off of eBay knowing that it did not function but the seller did not know why. I feel like I got it for a reasonable price in that condition. Upon inspection it appears that the housing likely flooded and the electronics including the manual strobe controls and hotshoe connection have heavy corrosion. No chance to salvage any of it. So before i send it to Ikelite for repair ($300) I thought I would throw it out there in case anyone had a damaged housing or something with a good set of electronics. I know it is a long shot but you never know unless you ask.



In Topic: Canan 80d ikelite lens options

13 June 2017 - 06:17 PM

The 80D being a crop sensor camera makes your 18 effectively a 28mm. Not going to give you the results you are looking for. I have been shooting a 7D in an Ikelite housing for a few years now. I use the 8 inch dome with both the Tokina 11-16 and 10-17. A quick look at images around here will prove that the 10-17 fisheye is the winner by a landslide for crop sensor cameras. I have even used it on my 5D. For big animals like whales you will want the fisheye. I have not used either of my wide lenses with a 6 inch but it will work. I like the option of getting split shots with the 8 inch. It is a bit more to push through the water though. 

As a side note, if you are new to using an under water housing I would suggest reading the manual many times over and practicing putting the housing together several times. I would also suggest stuffing it with paper towels and taking it in the pool or such before you ever put your camera in there so you are sure you have no leaks.


Good luck with the whales when you go, it is on my short list of things to do!

In Topic: Ikelite Underwater Photo Equip! Canon EOS 750D, Rebel T6i, Kiss X8i -...

21 May 2017 - 09:11 PM

I know that it is much easier to sell all at once but like the above replies, if you decide to split it up i would be interested in the excitation and yellow filters. Let me know, Thanks